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Anvi AD Blocker

Light install and nimble ads-filter

Real-timely block advertisements and malicious websites

Filter websites URLs that you don’t want

Protect your computer from potential risks

Ads-free surfing with nice readability

Support for Windows XP/Vista/7 & Windows 8
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Anvi AD Blocker
Ads-free surfing online with Anvi AD Blocker
Pop up ads overtax your nerves when surfing online? Worry about potential risks of malicious websites, phishing websites and even Trojan planted websites that may infect your computer? You are constantly redirected to a website that you don't want? Handle all such using Anvi AD Blocker. It is our ad blocker and filter software-real-timely protecting Windows system from malicious URLs, phishing websites, pop-up/flash ads as well as your unwanted websites by blocking them all. Moreover, it also speed up your webpage loading meanwhile it blocks all risky or potentially risky things from the Internet.
Block malicious URLs/phishing websites
Real-timely block malicious urls and phishing websites when your are surfing online.
Block pop-up/flash ads
Real-timely filter pop up ads, flash ads from web browsers.
Filter unwanted websites
Block your unwanted websites...learn how .
Anvi AD Blocker
How It Works
Often occasions are when you open a webpage, there are full of various advertisements, big or small, pop up or click to pop up, which severely reduce the readability and disturb our reading. Worse still, some websites are hacked and planted Trojans that attack the computer and steal important information. So obviously it is necessary to filter advertisements when surfing online.
To block advertisements, Anvi AD Blocker works in two blocking modes. One is positive blocking-our database attached collects tons of advertisement urls so that our program can block the request to open the advertisement when it is trying to open. Also our ad blocker software will record the blocking history for your reference. The other mode is that you can block your unwanted URLs, rogue websites or the operator's advertisements by customizing the blacklist.
Now Anvi AD Blocker is available for free in Anvi Smart Defender antimalware as a bonus benefit for our Anvi Smart Defender Pro. Also considering that Anvi AD Blocker just helps you block the ads while to remove adware/PUP, or trojans related, you are highly recommended to use an antimalware like Anvi Smart Defender. Learn more about this PUP removal tool...
Ads-free surfing online with Anvi AD Blocker
Simply click either button below to set out ads-free surfing online with no risks of malicious/phishing websites.
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You will download the Anvi AD Blocker by clicking either button above. After the download, please double-click the download file to install it and then click its icon to start it. It will monitor your surfing and real-timely block and filter risky URLs and multiple ads in a smart way.
Anvi AD Blocker
Anvi AD Blocker is on-state to protect your online surfing from pop-up ads, flash ads, malicious websites, phishing websites, and your unwanted websites. .
How to Block Your Unwanted Website
You are always redirected to an unfamiliar website because your Internet browser is hijacked and the homepage or the new tab is modified to the website that you don't want? On such occasion, you are recommended to use Anvi AD Blocker to block the website that you don't want it to stay. How?
After you download and install the Anvi AD Blocker, please click More button as shown below and there will come a dropped menu. On the dropped menu, click Settings to open the Settings window.

Click the Blacklist tab on Settings menu, and then click Add URL button to enter the URL of your unwanted website.

In the text area, enter the URL of your unwanted website and then click Add button to save it and then click X to exit.

Now you back to the blacklist of settings window and you will see the URL of your unwanted website you enter. Click Apply button to take effect and then click X to exit. That's it.

Anvi AD Blocker is able to block annoying ads, unwanted redirects, and risky websites. However, to ensure your computer is more secure without any malware infected or adware that clutter the system, your optimal choice will be antimalware software like Anvi Smart Defender. For assured Anvi AD Blocker will work better with Anvi Smart Defender anti-malware. Buy Anvi AD Blocker now.
By the way, Anvi AD Blocker now is integorated in Anvi Smart Defender antimalware which ensures your computer is malware-free while this ads blocker program prevents malware infections by blocking pop up ads, flash ads and malicious websites that are often used to distribute malware. Buy Anvi Smart Defender now.
Screenshots of Anvi Smart Defender
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Light to install. Easy to surf online without ads and risks of malicious websites.
GClick either button below to download Anvi AD Blocker and double-click the downloaded file to install it. After install, click its icon to start it.
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Version: 2.2
Size: 6.07 MB
Support OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Language available: English, Japanese
Software requirement: 300 MHz or faster processor, 128 MB of RAM (256 MB or more recommended), 50 MB of free hard disk space, active Internet connection for online cloud database and software updates
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