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Easily Remove Pop-up Ads pop up ads always bothering you when you surfing online? This post shows you what are Pop-up Ads and how to remove it completely from your computer. Learn more. Pop up Ads Description: is an online advertising platform created by adware or other unknown program to boost traffic and generate pop up ads. In this post, CouponDownloader program is responsible for generating pop up ads. Once installed, constantly displays you various advertisements whenever you browsing on the Internet with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome or any other browsers, such as this…
Usually the pop up ads are aim at making money by promoting some unfamiliar programs such as free video downloader or some games. shows you tons of advertisements to redirect you to sponsored websites and convince you to download or buy those products. If you received pop-up ads from that means your computer was infected with some unknown and potentially adware. Pop-up Ads pop-up ads claim that you need to download some unknown registry cleaner on your computer. However when you tricked by this fake information and agreed to download and install, your computer may have a great risk being infected with other malwares, such as adware, rogue utilities. Pop-up ads from sponsored websites like are usually created by cyber criminals to make quick money by promoting various kind of PUPs(potentially unwanted programs), such as fake windows utilities, free download managers or unreal weight losing products.


How your Computer Gets Infected with Pop-up Ads?


Usually is distributed through compromised malicious websites or legitimate websites from the internet. Also your computer can be infected with when you download some programs or file from an unknown links. Another way of propagating this annoying Pop up Ads are using spam email which may contains unsafe attachments and malicious links.
Computer users should always remember that download freewares or free applications from Internet or open and visit unknown website are the most common ways for your computer to be infected with malwares. You should be careful and thoughtful when you download softwares, always remember that you should download them from its official site. On the other hand when you install them, keep in mind the Advanced or Custom installation should be your first choice and do not select anything that is not familiar to you. Pop-up Ads Removal Guide Overview:


  • Step 1 Remove malware infections using Anvi Smart Defender Anti-malware
  • Step 2 Uninstall Unfamiliar Program from Computer
  • Step 3 Repair Modified Hosts Files
  • Step 4 Repair and Reset your Browsers
  • Step 5 Clean Cookies and Residual Files Using Cloud System Booster
    Pop-up Ads Blocking Tips (VERY IMPORTANT)


    Step 1 Remove Malware Infections Using Anvi Smart Defender Anti-malware


    To make sure the computer is clean from and any potential malware infections, you are highly recommended to use Anvi Smart Defender antimalware to protect your computer.
    Anvi Smart Defender v2.0
    Anvi Smart Defender is a brand new anti-malware software designed to protect your PC from being infected with computer virus and malware. Featuring with the powerful Cloud Scan Technologies and daily updated database, Anvi Smart Defender can detect, block and remove malware threats including Trojans, ransomwares, worms, backdoors and malicious adwares. Anvi Smart Defender is devote to providing advanced Internet security solution for computer users.

    Anvi Smart Defender Download:


    Please note, after the tool has been downloaded and installed, make sure database is updated to the latest version and also ensure the Anvi Smart Defender is set to Scan rootkits by clicking settings shown below. And then click OK to save the change and close the window to run this scanner.
    anvi smart defender settings
    Now perform a full scan with Anvi Smart Defender then remove all the found threats.
    Anvi Smart Defender V2.0 full scan

    Step 2 Uninstall Unfamiliar Program from Computer

    Log on to your computer as an Administrator who has the right to add or remove software.
    Click Start Menu->Control Panel (Uninstall a Program for Window 7)-> Double-click Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features for Windows 7)

    Scroll down to find all suspicious or unfamiliar programs. Right click to Uninstall or Change these programs.
    uninstall CouponDwonloader adware

    Step 3 Repair Modified Hosts Files

    1 Go to Start, type C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc in the search box
    2 Double-click hosts file to open it. Open with Notepad or any other text editor.
    Repair Modified Hosts Files
    The Windows hosts file should look the same as in the image below (Windows XP). There should be only one line: localhost (Windows XP) localhost ::1 (Windows Vista/7/8).

    Note: If there are more lines, remove them and save changes.

    Step 3 Repair and Reset your Browsers

    * Internet Explorer
    1 Open Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon , then click on Internet Options.

    2 In the Internet Options dialog box, click on the Advanced tab, then click on the Reset button.

    3 In the Reset Internet Explorer settings section, check the Delete personal settings box, then click on Reset.

    * Mozilla Firefox
    1 Open Firefox, click the Firefox button, go to the Help sub-menu, and select Troubleshooting Information.

    2 Click the Reset Firefox button in the upper-right corner of the Troubleshooting Information page.

    3 Then click Reset Firefox in the confirmation window that opens. Firefox will close and be reset.
    * Google Chrome
    1 Click on the icon ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’, select ‘Settings’, at the bottom of this page, click on ‘Show advanced settings’.

    2 Find the Reset browser settings option, click on Reset button to reset your Google Chrome.



    Step 3 Clean Cookies and Residual Files Using Cloud System Booster

    Cloud System Booster is a small and high efficient utility based on cloud technology which can run on most versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System. Cloud System Booster consists of four main function module including Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, Optimizer and PC Repair to maximize your PC performance by cleaning junk files, disabling unneeded services, clearing 3rd party applications, and repairing registry errors.
    Cloud System Booster also can protect your privacy by cleaning your browsing history, temporary internet files, browser cookies and extensions, minimizing the chance of falling into Internet scam. Please download and install the system cleaner tool Cloud System Booster by clicking download link below:
    1 Download Cloud System Booster from the direct link below:

    Cloud System Booster Download:


    2 Install Cloud System Booster. Go to Disk Cleaner, on Internet Explorer,Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox tab, please select Internet Explorer Cookies, Mozilla Firefox Cookies and Google Chrome Cookies option, and then back to the main screen of Cloud System Booster. You can also check the items you want to clean or optimize from Registry Cleaner, Optimizer and PC Repair module.
    3 Now you can click on the Quick Care button to clean your computer quickly. When the scan finished, click Clear button to remove those junk files, browser cookies, invalid registry entries to maximize your computer performance. (You may also click the numbers to view detailed results.)
    cloud system booster v3.2

    Pop-up Ads Blocking Tips


    To block Popup ads and any unwanted or malicious website, you can take advantage of this ads-block tool–Anvi AD Blocker. Anvi AD Blocker is designed to automatically filter and block malicious websites, phishing sites, pop-up ads, etc. to build a solid browser hijacker defense to your system. Please click the “Free Download” picture below to download this tool directly.
    Settings icon in Anvi AD Blocker

    Anvi AD Blocker Download:

    For instance, to block the from your web browser, you can just add this to the blacklist of Anvi AD Blocker by clicking More-> Settings->under the Blacklist tab, click the Add URL button->Enter in the appeared window->click Add button to add the url and close the add url window-> click Apply on the settings menu to make it and click X to close the window and save the change.
    Manage Whitelist or Blacklist in Anvi AD Blocker
    Good luck and be safe online.