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Easy Ads-free Surfing with Anvi Ad Blocker

You have been tired of tons of ads pop up or flash ads that disturb your online surfing and even bring risks at malware infections when searching online? Then, you can browser online with ease, using Anvi Ad Blocker for real-time filtering multiple ads and malicious URLs. Read more.

In this article, you will learn about:

I. Why AD Blocker Needed?

II. What Can Ad Blocker Do for You?

III. How Anvi AD Blocker Works

IV. How to Use Anvi Ad Blocker

V. What Anvi Ad Blocker Cannot Do?


Screenshot of Anvi Ad Blocker

ad blocker

Anvi AD Blocker Trial download: (Please note the trial version will expire in 15 days. And you can use it with no limits in 15 days.)

cnet download



I. Why AD Blocker Needed?

Scenarios are when you open a webpage, there filled out with varieties of advertisements, big or small, horizontal or vertical, automatically popping up or drive-by-click popping up, which really influence our reading and appear to be so annoying.

Worse still, many advertisements on the webpage are ill-disposed that may change the homepage of your browser, or even install malware onto your computer. Also many websites are hacked or attacked by Trojans, which can infiltrate your computer and steal sensitive data.

Thus apparently, it is important to filter or block advertisements on webpage when it comes to safe surfing with ease. Just picture that there were not advertisements but only what you care. That would be great reading experiences.

II. What Can Ad Blocker Do for You?

As its name suggests, Ad blocker is mainly designed to block ads. Actually, there are two ways to block ads:

a) Positively Identify to Block

Anvi Ad Blocker is integrated its database with tons of thousands of advertisements urls saved under its install directory. In light of this, when the webpage attempts to open some of these recorded advertisements urls, Anvi Ad Blocker will intercept that request and record it for your reference.

b) Block URLs on Custom Blacklist

If there are any unwanted websites to you, which may be some offensive site or operator’s advertisements, you can add its url to the Blacklist of Anvi Ad Blocker through the Settings menu.

III. How Anvi AD Blocker Works

Prior to know how Anvi Ad Blocker works, it is necessary to learn how advertisements loading on the webpage in the first place.

Actually, when we open a webpage, not all presented by the web browser are read at this URL address, e.g.

ad filter

The webpage has been split into piecemeal areas, some of which are designed to place advertisements. And these areas for advertisements will automatically read corresponding ads URL when you visit the webpage, so as to show the pictures and contents of advertisements on your web browser.

However, after the install of Anvi AD Blocker completes, there is a service and a underlying driver installed so that when you use your web browser to visit a webpage, the blocker program will analyze requests sent one by one and block the request send by web browser to load the advertisements once found.

Meanwhile, other normal requests of the web browser will be permitted through to load the contents and return to your web browser.

Thus finally there will be no annoying advertisements but only useful information that you want on the webpage you visit.

As for the other block mode of Anvi Ad Blocker, Ad Blocker sustains a database of blacklist custom made by users. That is to say, if there are any websites that you think unwanted, you can just add its URL to the blacklist through Settings menu of Anvi Ad Blocker. Then whenever your web browser send the request to load this unwanted website/URL, the ad blocker can intercept this request and finally your web browser will no longer manage to open this unwanted website on the Blacklist.

If any website blocked, there will be a prompt from the bottom right corner, showing what websites have been blocked, where two checkbox seat: one enables you to add this URL to the Whitelist and then this program will not block this webpage any more ; The other enables you to cancel such prompts when some URLs are blocked if you think such prompts are disturbance.

A screen prompt box from Anvi Ad Blocker like this:

anvi ad blocker



IV. How to Use Anvi AD Blocker

Anvi Ad Blocker is easy to use, and rich to learn.

You can learn what program visits what URL at what time by simply clicking the number on the main interface of Anvi AD Blocker.

ad block log


This enables you to easily learn which program on earth throws advertisements to you.

Also you can block any website you don’t like, or that you don’t want to see by adding the website address to Blacklist of Anvi Ad Block.


V. What Anvi Ad Blocker Cannot Do?


However, Anvi Ad Blocker is not all-powerful, to be honest. Below are some considered incompetent points of Anvi AD Blocker for your necessary consideration and reference:

a)  Anvi Ad Blocker can not 100% filter/block all advertisements because there are such a huge quantity of ads sites, despite we have spared no efforts but finally we can only block part of that. However, we are still striving to constantly collect emerging advertisements URLs and keep updated our database.

b) Unfortunately, since the ad blocker blocks part of web browser’s requests but for the time being cannot beautify the webpage that you are visiting, inevitably you will see some areas on the webpage shown as “This webpage is not available.” But this will not affect you reading normal web contents.


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