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How to Remove Antivirus Plus 2014 Virus? ( Rogueware Removal Guide )


If your PC has already been infected with Antivirus Plus 2014 virus, don’t worry, just follow the removal guide below and get rid of the rogueware once and for all.


Antivirus Plus 2014 Virus


Antivirus Plus 2014 is fake antivirus software coming from the WinWebSec rogueware family of malware infections. The virus is defined as rogueware that is created to trick people into purchasing its full version against supposed virus and threats in your PC, which exhibits pretty malicious traits and is identical to Antivirus Security Pro, Attentive Antivirus and Live Security Professional, etc.

Antivirus Plus 2014 rogueware is masquerading legal antivirus programs to give your system a fake scan:



Somehow you got Antivirus Plus 2014 automatically running in the desktop and can’t stop it? If the attempt to launch Windows Task Mask to disable it is failed; let alone opening any of your legitimate antimalware applications. ( the similar pictures are shown as below )

Antivirus Plus 2014 constantly pop up bogus notification claiming that your browsers, system apps and antivirus software are all infected with malware to prevent you from running them.



Yes, Antivirus Plus 2014 is such a fake antimalware program that blocks all of your programs running to avoid being removed.


To that end defrauding money, Antivirus Plus 2014 virus scans as legitimated antivirus application and then displays a result which reads your PC is full of various viruses and threats; you can’t remove them and get an ultimate protection if you do not buy the full version of this rogueware. It’s totally a scam designed by cyber criminals to steal money from the unsuspecting victims. All of viruses and threats are false. Actually, Antivirus Plus 2014 has not a virus definition database and a virus scan engine at all. The rogueware uses a ridiculous reason to frighten users and force them to buy the activation code to get rid of those non-existed viruses.

Fake popups from Antivirus Plus 2014 virus:





Beside what mentioned above, the other malicious traits of Antivirus Plus 2014 rogueware has been listed.

> Stop the antivirus programs and Windows operating applications like Windows Task Manager from starting. Whenever you attempt to run them, there will pop up a window from Antivirus Plus 2014 virus claiming that infected file is detected.

> Make you can’t go to internet. The same happen to your browsers: a fake popup of Antivirus Plus 2014 virus appears instead of the homepage of your browser when open the browser.

> Trick you into buying the full version of this rogueware to remove those unreal threats created by it. It is just a scam.

> Steal your personal information when you pay the money to purchase the fake antivirus software. You may become the victim of credit card identity fraud or theft. ( if you have pay the fine to the cyber criminals, please contact your credit card company and cancel this deal )


Never believe these fake scan results and even buy this rogueware. Once such bogus alert pops up, you should remove Antivirus Plus 2014 virus immediately.



How to Remove Antivirus Plus 2014 Virus


Effective methods for the removal of Antivirus Plus 2014 virus



Step 1 Stop Antivirus Plus 2014 virus from running


Stopping the rogueware Antivirus Plus 2014 from running can allow you connect the internet and use other antivirus software to remove the virus, which make the whole removal easier. But this step cannot remove the rogueware.

Three options are available for disabling Antivirus Plus 2014 rogueware


Option 1 Disable Antivirus Plus 2014 via Activation Code


1. Click “Remove all” after the fake scan is finished; or click “Activate Now” on those false popups.



2. Enter and license key like below.

valid license code:



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Option 2 Disable Antivirus Plus 2014 within the Safe Mode with Networking


For Windows XP and 7: Please restart your PC and then repeatedly press F8 when the boot menu appears.Use the arrow keys to highlight the option “Safe Mode with Networking”, and then press ENTER.



For Windows 8: use your mouse to point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, click Settings, click Power and select Restart.



When Choose an option window appear, use arrow key to select Troubleshoot and then press Enter. Use the same method to choose Advanced options, Startup Settings, and Restart  successively.



Press 5 on your keyboard to get into Safe Mode with Networking


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Option 3 Disable Antivirus Plus 2014 by renaming it’s executable file


1. Right click the Antivirus shortcut on your desktop and select Porpoise.



2. Click “Open File Location” in the opening window


3. Rename the selected files to virus.exe or xx.exe else and then restart your PC.





Step 2 Remove Antivirus Plus 2014 virus using Anvi Smart Defender antivirus software


Anvi Smart Defender specializes in detect and remove various malware, virus and PUPs, which always keep the virus database up-to-date. Every time when there are viruses, PUPs or suspicious programs are going to installing on your PC, it will remind you in the format of security popups.

1. Download and install antivirus software Anvi Smart Defender.



2: Click quick or full scan


After you install the program, please open it, and switch to Scan tab, perform quick or full scan to eliminate Antivirus Plus 2014 virus and any malware, viruses and PUPs.



3. Remove malicious files form your computer


Once the scan is over, Anvi Smart Defender will display the scan results. Click on Remove button to completely remove any of Antivirus Plus 2014 viurs and any malware, viruses and PUPs from your computer.




Step 3 Clean up Antivirus Plus 2014 virus’ leftovers from computer


To ensure the completely removal of Antivirus Plus 2014 rogueware, we need to clean up all of its leftovers including its residual error and invalid registry entries as well as junk files.


1. Download and install the paid or free version of Cloud System Booster system maintenance & optimizer software.

Download link:

Purchase link:


2. After you install the program, please open it, click on Quick Clear button on the main screen to run a quick and full scan.



3. Once the scan completes, there will come out a result screen, please click Clear button there to remove these junk files, invalid registry entries, etc to make sure the computer system is clean.





Keep your disk drivers clean


After a longtime of use, your disk drives must carry a heavy load. it is necessary to install a repair and clean tool like Anvi Ultimate Defrag to help you fix bug and errors of files in your disk drives, clean up junk files, rearrange fragmented data in the disk as well as optimize the performance of your disk drives.

Free download:


After install it, please select the disk drive you want to repair and clean and operation you would like to run ( Repair, Clean, Defrag and Optimize ), then click on Start.

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