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How to Remove Blacklister Adware

Instructions to get rid of BlackLister pop-up ads and deals from the computer completely. Scan the system with valid security tools to ensure that no more malicious files will be left on your PC.

What is BlackLister?


BlackLister claims it is a free browser add-on helping compare deals and save money for online shopping. However it is adware and potentially unwanted program (PUP) that generates numerous ads and deals for the third party including websites and advertisers and collects leads for them. That is, BlackLister is a pure ad supported program making profits by advertising for those third parties. (very similar to Fun2Save and Happy2Save)

Screenshot of BlackLister’s official website

BlackLister homepage

How Dose BlackLister Ads Appear on Your Web?


First, you have to know the truth that there must be BlackLister potentially unwanted program installing on your PC once the ads and deals titled by “Ads by BlackLister” are shown on your browser.

Typically, BlackLister PUP is bundled with free downloads and fake updates from the internet sneaking into computer. But there, do not rule out the chance that it is from the drive by downloads when you browse malicious websites, view pornographic video or click spam ads hovering over the text, etc.

To avoid such PUP installing without a decent notice, you should:

  • • read the Terms and Agreements or End User License Agreements before installing software on your computer

  • • do not click too fast on the “Next”, “Accept”, “I Agree” or similar buttons to prevent from installing unwanted software

  • • make full use of the “Advanced” or “Custom” option offered by the installer, to find if there is any other malicious software bundled to be installed during the installation process

Anyway, no matter how BlackLister gets onto your PC, it will install BlackLister program and related unwanted files on you disk. Besides, to inject ads and deals into random your webpage, it will add BlackLister extension to any of your existing browsers. Getting rid of these annoying ads and deals requires the removal of BlackLister browser add-on at the first time it appears.


Is BlackLister safe?


Absolutely BlackLister is not a safe program, and even tricks some of malicious traits.

    • • The first, of course, this adware sneaks into computer mainly via a deceptive means “bundling”. Without any knowledge and permission, it installs PUP and browser plug-in to change your related settings.


    • • And then, BlackLister makes you suffer from being bombarded with a constant stream of various ads and deals.


    • • Besides, it misleads you to click the ads it delivered and collects you to be the sales leads for other websites.


    • • More worse, the BlackLister extension will access all of your websites, tabs and online activities to collect your browsing habits to generate more relevancies for catching your eyes.


    • • Moreover, you probably end up the victim of identity and financial theft because your personal will be stolen “in passing”.


    • • Last but not least, your PC may be infected with more PUP or virus infections after clicking these spam ads.


    BlackLister Ads and Deals Features


    BlackLister will deliver a wide variety of ads including, without limitation, pop-up ads, transitional ads, sponsored links, deals and coupons about software, products, game, service, websites, resources and so on.

    Under no condition you should believe the glossy advertising from BlackLister promotions.

    We highly recommend you to remove the PUP and its browser add-on to preclude the annoying ads and deals. For any question during the removal process, please leave it below.

    How to Remove BlackLister Ads and Deals?


    Five steps for removal of BlackLister Ads and Deals



    Uninstall BlackLister and other PUPs from computer


    BlackLister is usually installed on PC along with other PUPs, so please locate BlackLister and any other unknown and suspicious program from Control Panel to ensure your PC is free from any negative program.


    For Windows XP: Click “Start“>”Control Panel“>”Add or Remove Programs“>”Programs and Features“>Look for BlackLister, and any dubious program, select them and click Remove.


    For Windows 7/Vista: Click “Start” (“Windows Logo”)>”Control Panel“>”Uninstall a program“(under “Program”)>look for BlackLister, and any dubious program, select them and click Uninstall/Change.


    For Windows 8: Right-click on the screen’s bottom-left corner> “Control Panel” >”Uninstall a program“(under “Program”)> Look for BlackLister, and any dubious program, select them and click Uninstall/Change.



    Alternative uninstall method

    (use free tool Anvi Uninstaller offered by system optimizer Cloud System Booster)

    Install and start Could System Booster(link:→Click on “ToolBox” right under the homepage→download and run Anvi Uninstaller→select BlackLister and uninstall it (skip the first step “Creat System Restore Point“).

    remove Traxxen adware with Anvi Uninstaller

    You can directly clean up leftovers of BlackLister after uninstall the PUP.


    Remove PUP.XXX(PUP.BlackLister) and other virus infections hidden in your PC


    PUP.XXX like PUP.BlackLister refers to malicious files of potentially unwanted programs in your system and can’t be removed from Control Panel.

    As BlackLister ad is suspicious of misleading you to malicious websites, you need antivirus software such as Anvi Smart Defender to protect your PC by scanning and removing all related virus infections.

    Please install Anvi Smart Defender(download:,Purchase: firstly. And then run it for a Quick, Full or Custom scan.

    main menu of Anvi Smart Defender

    Anvi Smart Defender quick scan


    Eliminate BlackLister browser extension from all browsers


    Because plugins related to BlackLister will not disappear with the removal of BlackLister and other viruses, you must remove them to get rid of popups from BlackLister and keep the security of your personal information.

    Slim Toolbar (a pro tool contained in PC optimizing software Cloud System Booster that we recommend for you to clean up junk files and optimize computer in step 4) specializes in detecting and removing malicious and negative toolbars, add-ons, extensions, plugins and browser help objects in major browsers.

    BlackLister removal process demonstration:

    Purchase the Cloud System Booster: and install it according to its navigation.

    Run it→click the arrow at the lower right corner→click on Slim Toolbar




    Remove BlackLister related add-on from your browsers like what the similar picture shows below.

    remove unwanted  browser extensions

    You can also choose another independent and free version of Slim ToolBar to remove BlackLister plug-in automatically.

    The trial version is free for 15 days:

    Start it and click Manager. Then select BlackLister add-on on all browsers and remove.

    Similar picture

    remove unwanted browser extension with Anvi Slim Toolbar


    –Or you can choose to manually remove BlackLister plug-in from your browsers



    Click on Tools(IE 8)/gear icon B4JW7WO`5C[EBT{1(CYUCLR( IE 9 and 10 ) at the upper-right corner of the Window, and the click on Manage add-ons.



    Then come to Toolbars and Extensions tab. Right click on BlackLister and then click on Disable.




    Go to Firefox KQ)0~}BED~G9HGB2Q_AL`BU, click on Add-ons.



    Switch to the Extensions Tab. Click Remove to get rid of BlackLister.



    Go to wrench or 3 bar icon 0$5ZM`7WU4VNDP6(@_WU)I5(next to the address bar), click on Tools and then click on Extensions.



    Locate BlackListerand then remove it by clicking the Trash icon next to it.


    Clean up leftovers of BlackLister and optimize your PC


    The residual junk files, error and invalid registry entries of BlackLister and other viruses, which are not malicious but slow down your PC. The excess leftovers will crash down your running program easily and do harmful to your PC. Here the system maintenance and optimization tool Cloud System Booster is recommended to clean up them all.

    Download link of Cloud System Booster:


    After you install the program, please open it, click on Quick Care button on the main screen to run a quick and full scan.



    Once the scan completes, a result screen will appear. Please click on the Clear button to remove these junk files, invalid registry entries, etc. to keep your PC clean and safe.



    Note: In order to reduce the chance to be infected again by visiting the malicious sites saved in your browsing history by accident, please do not forget to clean up your browser cookies.

    Guide to clean up browser cookies:

    Back to Could System Booster Homepage→click Disk Cleaner→scroll over and opt for Internet Explorer Cookies, Firefox Cookies and Google Chrome Cookies→Click Start Clean to remove them.


    In a word, please clean up junk files and system junks regularly to keep your PC in a healthy status.


    Do deep cleanup for you disks


    After a longtime of use, your disk must carry a heavy load. It is necessary to install a repair and cleanup tool like Anvi Ultimate Defrag to help you fix bug and errors of files in your disk, clean up junk files, rearrange fragmented data in the disk as well as optimize the performance of your disk drives.

    Free download:


    Install and launch Anvi Ultimate Defrag. Select the disk drive(s) you want to repair and clean ->Check your desired operations (Repair, Clean, Defrag and Optimize for choice), and then click on Start button.

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    That’s it