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How to Remove File Recovery Virus? (Rogueware Removal Guide)


You’re warned by File Recovery that there are some errors detected in your PC system from time to time? And your are required to buy its application to solve problems? If you met these issues, your PC is infected by File Recovery virus. Do you know what File Recovery virus is? What dangers it may bring to your PC? How to get rid of it? The article will depict the details on these issues. Please read more.


What is File Recovery Virus?


File recovery virus belongs to the category of rogueware. Commonly, some spam emails may contain some malicious links which carry some malware and virus. When you click on the unknown links or attachments carelessly, you may be misled to download malicious software. File Recovery virus captures your PC accompanying such software’s installation. File Recovery virus always pretends to be legal hard drive repair software, and sends some fake alerts and notifications claiming that your computer is in critical statue and hard drive errors that have been detected so as to mislead you to pay money to purchase its product to solve the “frightening problems”. Actually, there is no such problem in your computer system. The installation of the the product of File Recovery virus may even bring you a series of terrible results.

Screenshots of File Recovery virus



 The Dangers of File Recovery Virus


1. In order to extract money from the innocent computer users, File Recovery virus sends fake warnings to inform you that your PC system is in critical statue and has some hard drive errors and you have to purchase this rogueware’s product to solve the problems. However, it can’t solve this problem, and may bring other hazards such as stealing your personal information and changing your browser settings.

2. What’s worse, it may hide your files and folders, and cause a block screen.

3. To prevent being removed, File Recovery virus may stop software designed to disable it from running and damage the program in the computer. What’s more, it may add a proxy server to block the network connection.



How to remove File Recovery Virus


Step 1: Boot/Restart your computer into “Safe Mode with Networking”


Attention: You should print this instruction page before restarting your PC. It will not be available after you shut your computer down.


a. Click Start and then click Shut Down.


b. Click Restart in the drop-down list of the Shut Down Windows dialog box, and then click OK.


c. Repeatedly press F8 when the boot menu appears.


d. Use the arrow keys to highlight the option “Safe Mode with Networking”, and then press ENTER.




Step 2: Remove malicious proxy server that is added by File Recovery virus. (IE/FF/Google Chrome)


Causing File Recovery virus may prevent users from connecting internet by adding a proxy server silently; we need to remove such proxy server first.


For Internet Explore:


1. Open IE>click on the gear icon at the upper-right corner of the page (for IE 9)/Tools (for IE 8)>Internet Options.




2. In the Internet Options box, switch to Connections tab, and then click LAN settings.




3. Uncheck the option Use a proxy server for your LAN, and then click OK to remove this proxy server.




For Firefox:


1: Open FireFox, click FireFox at the upper-left corner, and then click Option.




2: Switch to Advanced tab, click Network and then click Settings.




3. Uncheck No proxy and click OK to finish the operation.




For Google Chrome:


1. Open Google Chrome, click the Wrench or 3-Bars icon( upper-right of the window) and click Settings.


2. In the page of Settings, click Show advanced settings.




3. Locate the Network, and click Change proxy settings.




4. In the Internet Properties box, switch to Connections tab, and then click LAN settings.




5. Uncheck the option Use a proxy server for your LAN, and then click OK to remove this proxy server.




Step 3: Use File Recovery Killer to remove File Recovery virus


If you want to run File Recovery Killer in normal mode, please download the removal tools from a clean computer and transfer them to the infected PC via CD/DVD, USB flash drive, or external drive in case that the rogue might prevent you from getting access to the Internet in normal mode.


1. Download and install File Recovery Killer from this site:


2. After install File Recovery Killer, double-click on the File Recovery Killer to terminate the rogueware, and you can see below image:




Note: If the killer is blocked from running, please rename the file: file recovery virus-killer.exe as explorer.exe.


Step 4: Remove all remnants of File Recovery virus using Anvi Smart Defender.


1: Install Anvi Smart Defender


Download and install the paid or free version of Anvi Smart Defender Anti-malware software.

Free download link:

Purchase link:


2: Click quick or full scan


After you install the program, please open it, and switch to Scan tab, perform quick or full scan to eliminate any possible unwanted programs.



3. Remove malicious files form your computer


Once the scan is over, Anvi Smart Defender will display the scan results. (Click Detail to see detailed results similar as shown in below). Click on Remove button to completely remove the malicious files from your computer.



Step 5: Recover Hidden Files and Folders


1. Click Start (Windows XP)/Windows logo (Windows 7) at the left bottom of the desk, and type folders options into the Search programs and files box, then double click it to open it.





2. When folder Options box appears, switch to the View tab, then select “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” as well as don’t select “Hid protected operating system files (Recommended)”, click Apply and then click OK.




3. Select all contents of the disk C, right click on the selected contents , and then click Properties.



4. Assure that the option “Hidden” is unchecked, and click Apply and then click OK.




Step 6: Recover your desktop look


For Windows XP: Click on Start >Control Panel>the Display icon>change the theme and desktop background to your original one or you can newly design your desktop look.


Windows 7 and Vista: Click on Windows logo>Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization category>select Change the Theme (or Change Desktop Background) to recovery your original desktop appearance or reset your desktop look.


Step 7: Remove residual junk files and optimize your PC system via Cloud System Booster


There may exist some residual junk files and invalid registry entries in your computer system after removing File Recovery virus. Thus, Cloud System Booster is required to clean up them and to save your disk space so that as to increase running speed of your computer.


1. Download and install the paid or free version of Cloud System Booster system maintenance & optimizer software.

Download link:

Purchase link:


2. After you install the program, please open it, click on BOOST button on the main screen to run a quick and full scan.


Cloud System Booster


3. Once the scan completes, there will come out a result screen, please click Clean button there to remove these junk files, invaild registry entries, etc to make sure the computer system is clean.


Cloud System Booster-scan finished


For any question, please feel free to send us email below.