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How to Remove Internet Security “Designed to Protect” Virus?


A program named Internet Security sneaked into your computer and displays various fake security warnings that freak you out? Wondering if your computer was really infected by the alleged Trojans, virus and worms etc. or if this software is trustworthy, or should I remove it immediately but how? You can find answers in this article. Read on.



What is Internet Security “Designed to Protect” Virus?



Internet Security “designed to protect” virus is a fake antivirus program that is classified as rogue ware. It tries to infect a computer by popping up an alert of a computer infection when user browses questionable websites. The pop-up window is well-designed so that it looks like a legitimate security warning. If you try to deal with the infection, you will be prompted to download and install Internet Security “designed to protect”. Once Internet Security “designed to protect” virus is installed, it will perform a fake scan automatically and then presents in the scan result many non-existing computer infections to trick you into believing that your computer is seriously infected by malware. But if you try to remove them, it will state that you need to buy its full version first.

Internet Security designed to protect virus

Internet Security “designed to protect” virus will also display fake alerts and warnings constantly to scam you into believing that your computer is encountering numerous problems and is at high risk.

The bogus alerts and warnings you may see:

Security Warning
Malicious program has been detected. Click here to protect your computer.
Firewall Warning
Hidden file transfer to remote host has been detected.
Internet Security has detected a leak of your files through the Internet. We strongly recommend that you block the attack immediately.

To avoid being removed, Internet Security “designed to protect” virus will disable the Windows system utilities, such as Task Manger and Registry editor. It will also block you from executing antivirus and antimalware programs.

Internet Security “designed to protect” virus is just a scam. All the issues reported in those security alerts and warnings are not real. You should never believe in the alerts and warnings displayed by this malicious software, not to mention pay for its full version. Pay for its full version will not solve the problems but will put your personal information and financial information at risk.



How Does the Internet Security “Designed to Protect” Virus Infect a Computer?



Internet Security 2013 targets users via infected websites, and delivers its payload through social engineering. It may also be bundled with other free software, so you should be cautious and always opt for custom installation when installing a free program. Spam email is often used by hacker to spread virus. Please keep in mind never download and open an unknown attachment in a junk mail.



How to Remove Internet Security “Designed to Protect” Virus?



Step 1 Activate Internet Security “Designed to Protect”


Click on Get full time protection now or Activate Now button, then fill in your email address and license key: Y68REW-T76FD1-U3VCF5A

 Internet Security Activation

Please note that activating Internet Security 2013 will not remove it from your computer, but will just stop the fake alerts so that you can proceed on our removal guide more easily.



Step 2 Remove Internet Security “designed to protect” virus with Anvi Smart Defender


Anvi Smart Defender is an antimalware program developed by Anisoft team. It can detect and remove most of viruses, trojans, worms and so on.

1. Download the free or paid version of Anvi Smart Defender from below links.

Anvi Smart Defender free download link:

Anvi Smart Defender purchase link:



Please ignore the possible fake alert popped up by Internet Security “Designed to Protect” virus during the download.

If the download fails, please check the networking settings and the hosts files because many infections may modify them. You may turn to How to Check Hosts Files, DNS and Proxy Settings for Normal Internet Access after Malware Infection for tutorial.


2. Double click asdsetup.exe file to install Anvi Smart Defender.


3. Launch Anvi Smart Defender → click on the gear icon → check the Scan rootkits item → click on the Apply and OK button to complete the setting



4. Go to Scan tap → perform a Full Scan to detect malicious files → after the scan completes, click on the Repair or Removal button to complete the removal of vicious files


You can click View Details to see the detailed information of threats found and removed by Anvi Smart Defender.

Anvi Smart Defender-scan result



Step 3 Clean the useless registry entries and residual files


Navigate to PC Tuneup tab → check all the available items → hit Care Now button

Anvi Smart Defender-PCtuneup

If you are a pro version user, you can run Registry Fix to remove unused and old registry entries.


Or, you can make use of Cloud System Booster which is a professional system cleaner and optimizer.



Clean the useless registry entries and residual files using Cloud System Booster


1. Download and install the free or paid version of Cloud System Booster.

Cloud System Booster free download link:

Cloud System Booster Purchase link:


2. Launch Cloud System Booster and click on the Boost button.

Cloud System Booster-Boost


3. Click on Clean button after scan finished.

Cloud System Booster-Clean



Now, your PC should be free from the infection of Internet Security “designed to protect” virus. If you have confront any problem in the removing process, please feel free to contact us.


  • Ariane

    I follow step by step alle of these instruction and when i restard my computer to normal mode the internet security reapear all of the other spy controler dosen’t want to open, nod antivirus, spy hunter… I didn’t know what to do now

    • Andrew

      Hi Ariane,

      The removal guide has been updated which is based on internet security virus sample test. Please go through this guide and try again. Please make sure that the virus database of Anvi Smart Defender is the latest one. (The current database version is 1.04.0282).

      If any further question, please feel free to let me know.