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How to Remove LinkSwift Popups? ( Browser add-on Removal Guide )


This article contains step by step instructions on how to get rid of LinkSwift browser add-on. Please read on.



What is LinkSwift


LinkSwift is technically not a virus but a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that takes at the format of extension to hijack users’ browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome.

Bundled with freeware ((video recording/streaming, download-managers or PDF creators), LinkSwift goes to your PC without your knowledge. And then, it will install LinkSwift Toolbar onto your PC; meanwhile, all of your browsers will be added extension—LinkSwift to change your internet experience. As a result, you will receive popup ads from LinkSwift in your search results.

Screenshot of LinkSwift Browser add-on



How to Avoid Being Infected by LinkSwift Browser add-on


Considering that you may be prompted to download different kind of free software stating it is useful for you from the internet, especially these websites:,,, and Brothersoft, you’d better be cautious and attentive when download free software.

Always Remember that installing free software from unknown websits may be equal to installing some browser hijackers, toolbars or other type of malware. Mostly, you don’t know that there is a malicious program installing on your PC and modifying some settings of your PC system and browsers as this installation runs when you keep the option—Recommended installation the free software gives you when install this free software. Therefore, please always remember to select Customize installation and refuse any unknown programs’ installation.



How to Remove LinkSwift


Step 1: Uninstall LinkSwift and optimize your PC via Cloud System Booster


Please note, LinkSwift is installed on your PC alongside different free software you download from the internet. So you are suggested to uninstall this free software. By the way, you’d better consider the recent installed program tracing back to time of its popups appearing.

Before uninstalling, please close all your browsers.


1. Please install Cloud System Booster first.

Free download link:

Purchase link:


2. After installing, open it and click Expert, and then click Toolbox to download Anvi Uninstaller within several senconds.



3. Then, click run to scan all programs on your PC.



4. Select LinkSwift, right click on it, then click Uninstall. Repeat the operation to remove other unwanted programs.



5. Anvi Uninstaller customizes three removal steps for users during the process of removing LinkSwift. Picture is displayed below, you can decide how to remove the virus depending on your own need.



6. After you remove the LinkSwift, Anvi Uninstall will detect all leftover items of this infection to offer you a perfect removal. Please click Delete to remove it and then click Close. For this PUP, there is no leftovers remained in your system, so please click Close to finish the operation.



7. The LinkSwift extension in all of your browsers will also be removed alongside the removing of LinkSwift. Although, LinkSwift has been removed completely, there are some residual junk files and invalid registry entries in your computer system after uninstalling LinkSwift. Thus, please go back to Home, and click on Boost to scan junk files and invalid registry entries left in your computer.

could system booster


8. Once the scan completes, there will come out a result screen, please click Clean button to remove these junk files, malicious registry entries, etc to make sure the computer system is clean and to save your disk space as well as to increase running speed of your computer.

cloud system booster_meitu_7


Please always use the tool like Cloud System Booster to clean up the leftovers in the computer to get a clean and optimized PC environment.


Step 2: Block spam ads, malicious websites including phishing websites automatically via Anvi Ad Blocker


To avoid being infected by adware and annoyed by popups, you are recommended to install internet ads blocker—Anvi Ad Blocker to give you a real-time protection. It  protects Windows system from malicious URLs, phishing websites, pop-up/flash ads as well as your unwanted websites by blocking them all. Moreover, it also speed up your webpage loading meanwhile it blocks all risky or potentially risky things from the Internet. Install Anvi Ad Blocker to protect the browsers from various pop-up ads, malicious websites. Download and install free or pro version of Anvi Ad Blocker. Then open it and it will keep running to help you to protect your computer from various online risks and annoyance ranging from spam ads, pop up ads, flash ads to phishing, hacked websites and many other malicious websites.

Download link:  

Purchase link:


After installing the spam ads and malicious URLs blocker, please click on the ON button to keep it running, so it will give you a real-time protect to help you out of the annoying of popup ads and attack of various malicious URLs.



When appearing malicious or unwanted URL, Anvi Ad Blocker will popup this window to Remind you. If you are agree to block it, please click OK; if not, please select Add to the White list to let the URL never be blocked again.



Besides, you can add malicious URLs to Black Lists to block them run and add URLs that you think aren’t annoying to White Lists to allow them to run.







Recommended Tips


Though you remove LinkSwift and other potentially unwanted programs successfully, your disk drives may still carry a heavy load. Due to the infection of this browser hijacker or even other more malicious malware, there will be some of file system errors and junks and invalid fragments in your disk drives. it is necessary to install a repair and clean tool like Anvi Ultimate Defrag to help you fix bug and errors of files in your disk drives, clean up junk files, rearrange fragmented data in the disk as well as optimize the performance of your disk drives.

Free download:


After install it, please select the disk drive you want to repair and clean and operation you would like to run ( Repair, Clean, Defrag and Optimize ), then click on Start.

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