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How to Remove Mobogenie from Your Computer? (Removal Guide)


I installed Mobogenie on my PC few weeks ago. It is a good program indeed. However, I found some flaws in it and since it was installed, I felt that computer becomes sluggish. There are also times that I am having software problems especially when surfing the web. Mobogenie is the only program I have loaded into the computer that could be the sources of troubles. I never had these errors and issues when Mobogenie is not yet around.

In this article, we will guide you to remove Mobogenie from your computer with step-by-step instructions.



What Is Mobogenie?



Mobogenie is an Android phone manager that allows you to transfer and download pictures, videos, music and other data between your PC and phone easily, relieves you of managing the scores of tests or sending tests to multiple contacts, helps you to back up datas on your phone. It seems to be a useful program, but most of computer users rank low in acceptance of this software.



In most cases, Mobogeine get installed on your computer without your consent along with other free downloads from websites like Softonic, and other monetized freeware distribution websites. Therefore, computer users are freaked out when they first confront Mobogeine on their computer. They even think that their computer is infected by some kind of virus. Actually, Mobogenie is not computer virus, but the manufacturer has promoted it in an impertinent way.


Mobogenie can be treated as a potentially unwanted application, for it usually installs itself without the knowledge of computers and configures itself to start up along with the Windows operating system. We will guide to remove Mobogenie from your computer completely in the following part of article. Should you have problem in the removing process, please leave a reply at the end of the article and we will try our best to help you.



How to Remove Mobogenie? (Removal Guide)



Step 1 > Uninstall Mobogenie from your computer


In most cases, Mobogenie comes bundled with other applications, so you need uninstall not only Mobogenie but also other suspicious and unexpected programs that installed around the time your computer is infected by Mobogenie.


For Windows 8 Users:

Move mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of the screen.

Go to Charms bar Settings Control Panel Uninstall a program

Uninstall Mobogenie and related malicious programs


For Windows 7/Vista Users:

Go to Start button > Control Panel > Uninstall a program / Programs and Features

Uninstall Mobogenie and related malicious programs

Mobogenie-uninstall 1


For Windows XP Users:

Go to Start button >  Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

Remove Mobogenie and related malicious programs



Alternatively, uninstall Mobogenie with Anvi Uninstaller


Anvi Uninstaller is a tool integrated in Cloud System Booster which is a system cleaner and optimizer. Anvi Uninstaller will scan and delete leftovers after uninstall a program.


1. Download and install Cloud System Booster

Cloud System Booster free download link:


2.To uninstall Mobogenie and related malicious program:

Launch Cloud System Booster → go to Toolbox → Download and Run Anvi Uninstaller → locate malicious application under Recently Installed tab → hit Uninstall to remove

Please search for and uninstall Mobogenie and any other unwanted or unknown applications that installed around the time your computer is infected by this toolbar.


Mobogenie-uninstall 2


Please note that according to some computer users complaint, although Mobogenie is uninstalled from your computer, the startup item is still there on your computer. Once you start your computer, some service of Mobogenie will run simultaneously.

I did uninstall Mobogenie from the computer via Windows control panel. For the process, it seems to be completed. Hence, some items of the program are still present on the computer. I am still getting the Mobogenie start-up asking for mobile device to be connected.

The leftovers detected by Anvi Uninstaller direct to the startup item added by Mobogenie. If you delete those leftovers with Anvi Uninstaller, then you can skip the rest steps.

The Prefect Scan function is only available for Cloud System Booster Pro version users. You can use this function by getting a trail license or upgrade to pro version.

Cloud System Booster purchase link:


3. To clean residual files: Switch to Home tab → click Quick Care button → click Clear button after scan finished

Cloud System Booster-scan



Step 2 > Uncheck the startup item for Mobogenie


Click on the Start button, and type “msconfig” and hit Enter to open System Configuration window.

Mobogenie-startup setting 1


Go to Startup tab in the System Configuration window that opens and uncheck items related to Mobogenie.

Mobogenie-startup setting

Click on Apply and OK to save the setting.



Step 3 > Delete invalid registry entries


After remove and block the startup item for Mobogenie, there are some invalid registry entries on your computer.


Click on Start button, and type “regedit” and hit enter to open Registry Editor

Mobogenie-registry remove


When the Registry Editor is open, click on Edit and Find in the dropped-down menu.

Mobogenie-registry remove 1


Type “mobogenie” in the Find what field and click on Find Next button. Then right-click on the folders and registry entries that related to Mobogenie and delete them. Repeat this step until all the registry entries related to Mobogenie is deleted.

Mobogenie-registry remove 2

Mobogenie-startup item delete

Mobogenie-delete registry entries

Please note that the registry entry named Default can not be removed.


Now, Mobogenie should have been removed from your computer completely. If you have any question, leave a reply and we will be more than happy to help you.



Malware Prevention Tips                     


1. Keep an eye on what you are agree to install and do not just click on Next blindly.

As mentioned above, Mobogenie sneaks into your computer by being bundled in the installer of other free software, so you should be attentive when install such programs and always opt for custom/advanced installation.


2. Turn on the security settings of your installed web browser.

If you always encounter the problems such as pop-up ads and redirecting, you may need to check if the available security settings of your web browser are on. You can view Turn on Security Features of Internet Browsers for Safer Surfing Online for tutorial.


3. Keep a professional antivirus or antimalware program on and perform system scan regularly.

Unwanted applications like Mobogenie and malware may expose your computer to other horrible computer infections, so we strongly recommend you to scan your computer with an antivirus or antimalware program to make sure that your computer is safe and clean. Anvi Smart Defender is such a program that you can make use of.

Anvi Smart Defender free version download link:

Anvi Smart Defender-1


There is an Anvi Ad Blocker integrated in Anvi Smart Defender, which can block malicious URLs, phishing websites, pop-up/flash ads as well as your unwanted websites that cannot be distinguished and detected by the browser itself. If you are pro version user of Anvi Smart Defender, it is free to use for you. Also, you can download its trial version to create you a clean and secure online environment.

Anvi Ad Blocker free download link: (expires in 15 days)


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    It says: “Unable to delete all unspecified values”. Why is that?

    • Andrew_Anvisoft


      Registry entries that named Default can not be removed. However, deleting all other registry entries related Mobogenie will do the work.

  • cliffman

    I have downloaded and used Mobogenie, and it seems to work fine, doesn’t
    cause any problems on my computer or on my phone. Nevertheless I
    uninstalled it, for the simple reason that it comes from Beijing – who
    in their right mind would install software on their computer AND
    smartphone that is a function of the Communist Chinese government? You would really have to be naive to think that there is a software firm in Beijing that operates independently of the Beijing government, or that is not constituted to fullfill on a government objective.


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    Mobogenie has been updated so users can decide either if they want to install our software or not. This solves the issue of consider Mobogenie as a spam software and focus in our content. Glad to have a further discussion to solve any remaining doubt.

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    Hi, Could you please tell me how to do Step 2 in Windows 8. I don’t have a Start button in Windows 8. However I have Git installed so may be there is some command I can write into Git console to get System Configuration window or the console version of it.