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How to Remove Redirect Virus? ( Only Toolbar Removal Guide )


Doubt something is wrong with your browser when homepage and search engine have been redirected to only search? Actually, these changes are aroused by redirect virus which has bad effect on your PC, especially browsers. Read on and follow the step-by-step removal guide below to get rid of this toolbar.


What is Redirect Virus redirect virus belongs to the category of browser hijacker, which is not really a virus but a potentially unwanted program(PUP). As an appendage to free software, shareware or others like video recording/streaming, download-managers or PDF creators, it installs on your computer without your knowledge.

Screenshot of redirect virus



What Redirect Virus Will Do to Your PC


Although redirect virus is not really a virus, it exhibit some malicious traits that threatens your PC security quite a lot. To make you aware of its acts of destruction, we summarize the following points for you.

Install Only Toolbar and Only Toolbar for Google Chrome to windows operating system

Once redirect virus infiltrates your PC, it will install only Toolbar and Only Toolbar for Google Chrome Toolbar to your PC. You can find these bad programs in your control panel.

Modify your browsers default settings redirect virus will redirect your homepage to and set the search engine to Only Search. Besides, it adds extension to your browser which is not easily to find.

● Display ads and sponsored links in the search result

There will be some ads and sponsored links corresponding to what you query appearing in your web search results after infected by redirect virus. For example, you type dotfab into the search bar, just click one link you will see some ads and numerous sponsored links.


Real Purpose of Redirect Virus

( important )

Although you regard them as annoyances, redirect virus will try hard to collect your browsing habits to offer you more related ads and sponsored links. It is just like it is looking for what you like and then display you associated ads to attract your attention. However, some people also complain that some of ads nobody will be interested in occupy their normal web search results. In fact, the real purpose of redirect virus is not just hijacking your browsers but attempts to attract your to these ads to make you the target of internet sales and then generates traffic and revenues. To realize this purpose, it must access to your personal information, collect your browsing habits and monitor your internet activities to master your preferences to display more ads fit for you. But you should be careful about your sensitive personal information including logins, accounts or credit card that may be illegal used by cybercriminals. Once your personal information is collected for commercial uses, you will receive a lot of inexplicable spam and junk mail, which always contain various ads and sponsored links that strive to convince you that you need them badly. More badly, you may get the calls from telemarketers to promote their products to you.


How to Avoid Being Infected by Redirect Virus


To ensure be safe on in the further, we need to adopt necessary measures to get free from virus infections. Here we offer you some effective prevention tips and these tips are applied to all of browser hijacker, redirect virus, adware, toolbar and PUPs that share the common with distribution.

1. Be attentive to visit websites, especially those unknown and with strange looking. It is high recommended to install a protective tool like Anvi AD Blocker for blocking malicious websites and popups, for details, please read Easy Ads-free Surfing with Anvi Ad Blocker, or you can choose to Turn on Security Features of Internet Browsers for Safer Surfing Online to block malicious websites.

2. Always keep an eye on what you click and download, including music, movies, files, browser plug-ins or add-ons. When you do install software, make sure you’re getting the software from a trusted source.


3. Even if you have to install a necessary software, please always select Custom Installation instead of Recommended Installation and refuse any plugin by opting for Decline or Skip or other means during the process of installing such free software.

4. Keep your antivirus software and other security protect applications up to data.

5. Delete internet browsing history including the history of the websites you have visited and the history of the downloads you’ve performed to prevent you from getting malicious infections again.


Similar redirect viruses that probably hijack your browsers are listed below. If you are troubled by one of them now, you can get an effective removal guide from these articles.

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How to Remove Redirect Virus


Removal steps outline

  • Step 1: Uninstall Only Toolbar from control panel or via Cloud System Booster
  • Step 2: Remove redirect from IE, Firefor & Google Chrome
  • Step 3: Remove redirect virus’s residual junk files and invalid registry entries from your PC using Cloud System Booster
  • Step 4: Prevent from being infected by redirect virus again with the protection of Anvi Ad Blocker



Step 1> Uninstall Only Toolbar from control panel or via Cloud System Booster


Please note, redirect virus installs on your PC alongside different free software you download from the internet. So you are suggested to uninstall this free software. By the way, you’d better consider the recent installed program tracing back to time of its annoying homepage appearing.

For Windows XP: Click “Start“>”Control Panel“>”Add or Remove Programs“>”Programs and Features“>Look for Only Toolbar and Only Toolbar for Google Chrome and other PUPs, select them and click Remove.

For Windows 7/Vista: Click “Start” (“Windows Logo”)>”Control Panel“>”Uninstall a program“(under Program)>look for Only Toolbar and Only Toolbar for Google Chrome and other PUPs, select them and click Uninstall/Change.

For Windows 8: Right-click on the screen’s bottom-left corner> “Control Panel” >”Uninstall a program“(under Program)> Look for Only Toolbar and Only Toolbar for Google Chrome, select them and click Uninstall/Change.

Here, you just have removed the PUPs that can be find on your control panel. For those that can be found and hidden, you need remove them from your PC.


Alternative removal choice


Although SweetPacks Toolbar can be removed from control panel, there are still leftover items of this PUP remaining your PC system without your Knowledge. Anvi Uninstaller bundled with Cloud System Booster (System Maintenance& Optimizer) is recommended to help you remove this toolbar thoroughly and easily.


1. Please install Cloud System Booster first.

Free download link:

Purchase link:


2. After installing, open it and click Expert, and then click Toolbox to download Anvi Uninstaller within several senconds. Then, click run to scan all programs on your PC.



3. Switch to Recently Installed tab, select Only Toolbar and Only Toolbar for Google Chrome, select them, then click Uninstall.



4. Anvi Uninstaller customizes three removal steps for users during the process of removing Only Toolbar. Picture is displayed below,  skip first step to go on the following operations.


Please note: Perfect Scan is only available in Pro version.


5. After removing Only Toolbar, Anvi Uninstaller will detect all leftover items of this infection to offer you a perfect removal. Please click Delete to remove it and then click Close.

Step 2> Remove redirect from IE, Firefor & Google Chrome


1: Download and install Anvi Slim ToolBar.


Download link:

Purchase link:


2. Remove toolbars from browsers


After installing Anvi Slim ToolBar, please open it(if you use trial version, click wwwat the right bottom of box; if you use pro version, input your license key in the blank box), and click on Manage to detect toolbars in your browsers. When the result is displayed, select  extensions related to, and then click Remove button to remove them.

Similar picture



3. Repair hijacked homepage and modified search engine.


In Anvi Slim ToolBar box, please click on Browser Repair. IE, FF and Google Chrome are listed in the left; you can select any of them to change its homepage and search engine. When you choose customize homepage or customize search engine, please input the one you prefer.



Then click on Repair button to repair hijacked homepage and modified search engine and click on OK.


Step 3> Remove redirect virus’s residual junk files and invalid registry entries from your PC using Cloud System Booster


There may exist some residual junk files and invalid registry entries in your computer system after uninstalling redirect virus. Thus, Cloud System Booster is required to clean up them and save your disk space so as to increase running speed of your computer.


Cloud System Booster free download link:

Cloud System Booster purchase link:


1. After you install the program, please open it, click on the BOOST button on the main screen to run a quick and full scan.


could system booster


2. Once the scan completes, there will come out a result screen, please click Clean button to remove these junk files, malicious registry entries, etc to make sure the computer system is clean.


cloud system booster_meitu_7


Step 4> Prevent from being infected by redirect virus again with the protection of Anvi Ad Blocker


To avoid being infected by redirect virus again, you are recommended to install internet malicous websites blocker—Anvi Ad Blocker to give you a real-time protection. It  protects Windows system from malicious URLs, phishing websites, pop-up/flash ads as well as your unwanted websites by blocking them all. Moreover, it also speed up your webpage loading meanwhile it blocks all risky or potentially risky things from the Internet. Install Anvi Ad Blocker to protect the browsers from various pop-up ads, malicious websites. Download and install free or pro version of Anvi Ad Blocker. Then open it and it will keep running to help you to protect your computer from various online risks and annoyance ranging from spam ads, pop up ads, flash ads to phishing, hacked websites and many other malicious websites.

Download link:  

Purchase link:


After installing the spam ads and malicious URLs blocker, please click on the ON button to keep it running, so it will give you a real-time protect to help you out of the annoying of popup ads and attack of various malicious URLs.



When appearing malicious or unwanted URL, Anvi Ad Blocker will popup this window to Remind you. If you are agree to block it, please click OK; if not, please select Add to the White list to let the URL never be blocked again.



Besides, you can add malicious URLs to Black Lists to block them run and add URLs that you think aren’t annoying to White Lists to allow them to run.




Now, you have removed redirect virus completely.




Recommended Tips


Remove the Hidden malware and virus from your PC


Due to browser hijackers like going to computer packaged with freeware installers and other 3rd party software, it can’t be avoid that those freeware installers still carry other viruses and infections, even they can’t be removed from control panel or can’t be trace on your PC. Under this circumstance, you need use your antivirus software like Anvi Smart Defender ( download: detect and remove these malicious and stubborn malware and give you a prompt protection.


After computer working for a long time, your disk drives will carry a heavy load. What’s more, due to the infection of this browser hijacker or even other more malicious malware, there will be some of file system errors and junks and invalid fragments in your disk drives. it is necessary to install a repair and clean tool like Anvi Ultimate Defrag to help you fix bug and errors of files in your disk drives, clean up junk files, rearrange fragmented data in the disk as well as optimize the performance of your disk drives.

Free download:


After install it, please select the disk drive you want to repair and clean and operation you would like to run ( Repair, Clean, Defrag and Optimize ), then click on Start.

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