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How to Remove PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro? (Rogueware Removal)


It seems that I have been infected by PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro. I deleted it through the add/remove programs option, backed up my registry, ran Revo and it didn’t show up.  It is still popping up upon start up.  I can find it in the executions menu, but ending the execution doesn’t actually get rid of this thing. I have VERY basic computer skill knowledge, but know I need to get this off my computer.  Can anyone help me out with some step-by-step instructions? 

This article offers step-by-step instructions on how to remove PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro. Read on.



What Is PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro?



PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro is a fake system optimizer and is classified as rogueware. Once installed, PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro will perform a scan automatically and then present you in the scan result: Attention! 2159 items to clean and optimize on your PC.

PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro removal-1


But if you click on the Fix Now button, you will be prompted to register Optimizer Pro. And you will be stuck there if you don’t want to register for you will find you can’t exit this program.

PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro removal


From above, you can see that PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro is a fake system optimizer that is just developed to swindle innocent computer users out of money and personal information including your name, phone number, email address and your credit card information. PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro registered version won’t do much help to your computer, either.



How to Remove PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro? (Removal Guide)



Step 1 Close PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro


If PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro is open and you can’t close it, then you may try to close it through Task Manager.


1. Right click on Taskbar and select Start Task Manager.


2. Locate Optimizer Pro and click on End Task under Application tab.



That would close PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro.



Step 2 Remove PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro with Anvi Smart Defender


Anvi Smart Defender is an anti-malware program and is efficient in removing rogueware like PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro.


1. Download and install Anvi Smart Defender.

Anvi Smart Defender free version download link:


2. Launch Anvi Smart Defender and then run a Quick Scan.

Anvi Smart Defender-scan


3. When scan finished, you can click on View Details to check the threats have been detected.

Anvi Smart Defender-scan result


4. Click on Remove button to delete all the threats have been detected.



Step 3 Clean up residual files and invalid registry entries


Run a system optimization tool to clean up residual files and invalid registry entries. If you don’t have a system optimization program on your computer, you can try Cloud System Booster.


1. Download and install Cloud System Booster.

Cloud System Booster free version download link:


2. Start Cloud System Booster and click on Boost button.


3. Click on Clean button after scan finished.

Cloud System Booster


Now PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro should have been removed completely from your computer. If you have a problem concerning the removal of PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro, please feel free to contact us.


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This will take a long period of time, so you could tick “Shut down Windows after complete”.

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