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How to Remove Solid Savings (Adware Removal)?


Solid Savings coupons frequently pop up from nowhere when surfing the internet? You are annoyed by these Solid Savings coupons and want to get rid of it? Then read on this post and follow the instructions to remove Solid Savings coupons.


What Is Solid Savings?


Solid Savings is an adware program which is supported by the extension added to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Once installed, it will display advertisements on Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and other online stores that you are visiting. These ads are displayed in the form of various coupons that are available and are contained in a box titled Solid Savings.

Solid Savings-coupons

Solid Savings-pop-up

Although it is described as an application to save you money and time, it may also collect your personal information and record your browsing habits to feed you more precise advertisements.


How Does Solid Savings Infect a Computer?


Solid Savings can be downloaded and installed willingly from its official site or other websites. But, in most instances, it sneaks into your computer by bundling with other freeware, such as video conversion program, download-manager and video streaming. When you install such programs, you will also agree to install Solid Savings if you aren’t careful enough.

Please be cautious when installing freeware and always opt for custom/advanced installation that you can deselect unwanted applications and settings.

How to Remove Solid Savings?


Step 1 Uninstall Solid Savings through Control Panel


Windows 8: Move the mouse pointer to the right side corner → select Search → search for “control panel” to get Control Panel→ Click on Uninstall a Program → Locate any unwanted and unknown third-party applications → Click on Uninstall button to remove them one by one

Or, move the mouse pointer to bottom left corner → right click onHot button → select Control Panel from the list → Click on Uninstall a Program → Locate Solid Savings by 215 Apps → Click on Uninstall button to remove them one by one
Windows 7/Vista: Click on Start button → Select Control Panel → Click on Uninstall a Program / Programs and Features → Locate Solid Savings by 215 Apps → Click on Uninstall button to remove them one by one
Windows XP: Click on Start button → Select Control Panel → Click on Add/Remove Programs → search for Solid Savings by 215 Apps → Click on Remove button to remove them one by one

 Solid Savings uninstall-control panel


Step 2 Rid your installed web browser of Solid Savings extension


In most cases, after uninstalling this application, the extension added would have been removed and Solid Savings coupons would have gone.

If you are still suffering this problem, you need go through the steps below to check and restore your browser settings.


For Internet Explorer Users:

To remove extension: click on the gear icon or Tools → select Manage Add-ons → go to Toolbars and Extensions tab → right click on Solid Savings → choose Disable in the drop-down menu → close the window and click on OK button

Solid Savings extensions-IE


For Mozilla Firefox Users:

To remove extensions: click on the orange Firefox button firefox button on the upper left corner of the browser → hit Add-ons → go to Extensions tab → Remove Solid Savings

 Solid Savings extensions-Firefox



For Google Chrome Users:

To remove extension: Click on Customize icon (Wrench or 3 bar icon) → click on Tools → select Extensions from the dropped-down menu → locate Solid Savings → click the Recycling Bin to remove it

Solid Savings extensions-Chrome


Chances are that this Solid Savings extension cannot be remove from Google Chrome, and you will see the error message: This extension is managed and cannot be removed or disabled. The guide below will walk you through solving this persistent extension.


Guide on removing managed extension from Chrome


1. Note the ID of Solid Savings extension on Chrome and close Google Chrome

extension ID


2. Delete registry entries that contains this ID

a. Open registry editor

For Windows 8 users: Move the mouse pointer to the right side corner → select Search → search for “regedit”

For Windows 7 users: Click on Start button → type “regedit” in the Search Programs and Files field

For Windows XP users: Click on Start button → select Run

b. Find the registry entries of this managed extension and delete it

Press Ctrl and F at the same time, then paste the ID and click Find Next button.

find registry entries

Right click the registry entries that contain the ID of the managed extension and that under the ExtensionInstallForcelist directory.


3. Remove this managed extension’s files

a. Show hidden files and folders

Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options > View > “Hidden Files and Folders” > Select “Show Hidden Files and Folders > Apply

b. Locate its files folder and delete it

The location of this folder: Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Users > Your user name > AppData > Local > Google > Chrome > User Data > Default > Extensions

Right click the folder name as the ID of the managed extension and click on Delete to remove it.

Delete Solid Savings Chrome extension

Now the Solid Savings extension should have been removed from Chrome.


Step 3 Clean the invalid registry entries and residual files


After remove Solid Savings extensions, some registry keys and junk files are still on your computer. This residual files may slow down the performance of your computer over time, so you should clean up your computer after uninstall application. Try Cloud System Booster.


1. Download and install the free or paid version of Cloud System Booster.

Cloud System Booster free download link:

Cloud System Booster Purchase link:


2. Launch Cloud System Booster and click on the Boost button.

Cloud System Booster-Boost


3. Click on Clean button after scan finished.

Cloud System Booster-Clean


Now, Solid Savings adware should have been removed completely from your computer. If you have encounter any problem in removing this virus, please feel free to contact us.



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