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How to Remove Homepage and Trovi Search? (Browser Hijacker Removal Guide)


If your browser home page is changed to, the unknown one, which remains whether how many times you restart your browser, you have to consider that browser hijacker has already infected your PC. Here, we demonstrate removal instructions on how to get rid of browser hijacker from IE and Firefox and as well as Google Chrome.


What is, from a same browser hijacker family with, leads to a series of browser setting changes. Unlike general browser hijacker represented by Conduit hijack, it exhibits more malicious traits which add difficulty to remove the traces of it from computer completely.

Regardless of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome, the browser hijacker will change their home page to and provide users with web search results from search engine Trovi instead of the original one. If you open a new tab, you’ll find that the page is also redirected to Besides, the related Toolbar/extension/add-on is installed on these three browsers for collecting your browser habit and web search queries and monitoring your online activity. homepage


>>Tip: Sometimes, browser hijacker might install New Tab Search Toolbar on browsers, which makes home page and new tab become New Tab page and sets Search the Web (powered by yahoo) as the default search engine.



Dangers browser hijacker will collect your privacy information and monitor your every move online once it changes your default browser settings and adds malicious extension and toolbar to browsers. It makes you in an unsafe network environment.

It allows dubious, even malicious links appear on your webpage. (In general, they are displayed in your search results.)

As browser hijacker, it is bundled with the third party software (usually free downloads from the internet) sneaking into your PC without knowledge and permission. Besides, other PUP may also get on to your PC along with it via your certain downloads installation.



How Dose Browser Hijacker Infect Computer?


After infected with browser hijacker, users’ always wonder where this browser hijacker come from; through what ways it goes to their PC? browser hijacker infects your computer system mainly through two ways–along with freeware and fake installers. Typically, bundling with freeware to install on your PC sneakily is the most popular one. That is, many of victims are suffer from this virus by downloading and installing freeware from the internet. For fake installers, you may promoted to install a fake installer when the malicious websites tells you that your software like Flash Play need to update. These fake installers may carry browser hijacker, too.

Without reason should browser hijacker be left on your browser and PC. It is suggested to get rid it totally and then read How to safely surf online for avoiding be infected with such kind of browser hijacker in future.


How to Remove Homepage and Trovi Search?


Step 1 Uninstall Trovi and any dubious programs related

Step 2 Remove Redirect from Google Chrome, Firefox and IE

Step 3 Remove malicious files and compounds hiding in computer

Step 4 clean up junk files, error and invalid registry entries and optimize your PC



Step 1 Uninstall Trovi and any dubious programs related


Note: Because browser hijacker is very likely to install onto your PC along with other PUP such as, Nation Zoom, Search Protected by Conduit,, etc, you are suggested to uninstall such browser hijacker and Toolbar that we called the PUP one by one. In order to facilitate you to distinguish this kind of dangerous programs, you’d better consider the recent installed programs tracing back to time of malicious homepage appearing.


For Windows 7/Vista: Click “Start” (“Windows Logo”)>”Control Panel“>”Uninstall a program“(under Program)>look for Trovi and any suspicious programs unknown and having not been installed intentionally, select it and click Uninstall/Change one by one.


For Windows 8: Right-click on the screen’s bottom-left corner> “Control Panel” >”Uninstall a program“(under Program)> Look for Trovi and any suspicious programs unknown and having not been installed intentionally, select it and click Uninstall/Change one by one.


For Windows XP: Click “Start“>”Control Panel“>”Add or Remove Programs“>”Programs and Features“>Look for Trovi and any suspicious programs unknown and having not been installed intentionally, select it and click Remove one by one.


Recommend for automatically uninstalling malicious programs


-Anvi Uninstaller

To easier remove Trovi program and related malicious applications installing on your PC, it available to use Anvi Uninstaller to get rid of them automatically. It detects all of suspicious apps and displayed them in the Recently Install tab.

As it is a free tool integrated into Cloud System Booster(optimizer), you need to download it first.

Download Link:

After installing, open it→click ToolBox just below the interface→download Anvi Uninstaller within several senconds→run it→Switch to the Recently Installed tab→remove Trovi program and any dubious programs. ( please skip “Create System Restore Points” when removing)

Anvi Uninstaller



Step 2 Remove Redirect from Google Chrome, Firefox and IE


Here we offer you 2 option to remove redirect from your browser.

Option 1Manually remove redirect from your browsers
Option 2Remove the redirect via Anvi Slim Toolbar(remove automatically with one click)


Option 1Manually remove redirect from your browsers


For Google Chrome users
For Mozilla Firefox users
For Internet Explorer users




1. Go to wrench or three bar icon 0$5ZM`7WU4VNDP6(@_WU)I5, click on Settings, and then come to On startup tab, select Open the new tab pages and click Set pages.


When Startup pages pops up, remove malicious url by clicking X behind it.

repair startup page


2. Next, switch to the Appearance tab, click Show Home button and click Change, and then change the malicious domain into or any one you prefer.


3. When the operation above is finished, come to Search tab, make sure that the content of the first bar is Google and then click Manage Search engines.

remove Trovi Search from Chrome

Then remove malicious search engines by clicking X behind them and click Make default behind Google to set it as your default engine.



4. Go to wrench or 3 bar icon 0$5ZM`7WU4VNDP6(@_WU)I5(next to the address bar), click on Tools and then click on Extensions. Locate any suspicious extensions you have not installed intentionally and then remove them by clicking the trashcan icon next to them.






1. Go to Firefox KQ)0~}BED~G9HGB2Q_AL`BU, click on Options and switch to the General Tab. Then click on Restore to Default, hit OK to recovery your default homepage.



2. Click the down arrow next to the search engine icon and select Manage Search Engines…, select the malicious web search and other unknown search engines and click Remove.


3. Open a new blank tab in your Firefox, and type about:config in the address bar to open a window as shown in below picture. And then Click I’ll be careful, I promise! to continue.


Then, on the appeared window, type in the search box to find any items with value containing the keywords of the PUP from list there and highlight the item, right click on it to select Reset, one by one.

remove residual unwanted files of from Firefox


4. Go to Firefox KQ)0~}BED~G9HGB2Q_AL`BU, click on Add-ons and switch to the Extensions Tab. Click Remove to get rid of any suspicious extensions installing without permission.



if you found the redirect remains in your homepage or your new tab is still redirected to, please complete the following operation.


Uninstall Firefox newtab

1 – Close Firefox explore
2 – Open “C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles”
3 – Open the file which suffixed with “.default”,right click the “prefs.js” file and open it with notepad
4 – Edit “prefs.js”,delete the below content:
5 – Click “File” ->”Save” to save the changes
6 – Restart Firefox explore,newtab add-on has been removed.






1. Go to The gear icon B4JW7WO`5C[EBT{1(CYUCLR ( IE 9 and 10 ) or Tools ( IE 8 )> Internet Options> General, change url to the one you prefer, like and hit Apply and then click on OK.



2. Go to The gear icon  B4JW7WO`5C[EBT{1(CYUCLR( IE 9 and 10 ) or Tools ( IE 8 )> Manage Add-ons> Search Providers, right click on Bing or others and select Set as default, and then right click on the malicious one, click on Remove. (the order for removing can’t be reversed absolutely)

remove Trovi search engine from ie


3. Go to The gear icon  B4JW7WO`5C[EBT{1(CYUCLR( IE 9 and 10 ) or Tools ( IE 8 )> Internet Options> General, find the Tabs area, click on Settings, click on the button under “When a new tab is opened, open:”, select A blank page and hit OK to complete the operation.



4. Click on Tools(IE 8)/gear icon B4JW7WO`5C[EBT{1(CYUCLR( IE 9 and 10 ) at the upper-right corner of the Window, and the click on Manage add-ons. Then come to Toolbars and Extensions tab. Right click on any dubious toolbars and extensions you have not installed intentionally  and then click on Disable.




Option 2 Remove rediect via Anvi Slim Toolbar


Because some of users feel it’s a little bit complicated to manually remove homepage from browsers one by one. Here, we recommend you a convenient browser management tool–Anvi Slim ToolBar. This tool is designed to remove browser add-ons and repair browser damages including homepage and search engine redirects. With one click to recovery your default browser settings.


1: Download and install Anvi Slim ToolBar.




2. Remove toolbars from browsers

After installing Anvi Slim ToolBar, please open it(if you use trial version, click wwwat the right bottom of box; if you use pro version, input your license key in the blank box), and click on Manage to detect toolbars in your browsers. When the result is displayed, select unknown extensions and others you what to remove, and then click Remove button to remove them.



3. Repair hijacked homepage and modified search engine.

In Anvi Slim ToolBar box, please click on Browser Repair. IE, FF and Google Chrome are listed in the left; you can select any of them to change its homepage and search engine. When you choose customize homepage or customize search engine, please input the one you prefer.



Then click on Repair button to repair hijacked homepage and modified search engine and click on OK.



Step 3 Remove malicious files and compounds hiding in computer


Although we have removed Trovi programs and its redirect, some malicious files and compounds of Trovi and other potentially unwanted programs still hide in your PC system which are not found out. At the moment, you badly need to use a anti-virus software give your computer a full scan and remove all malicious threats in computer.

Here comes anti-virus software Anvi Smart Defender. Please install it first.


And then run it for a quick or full scan

Smart Defender 2.2


After remove all threats hiding in PC, please click Guard botton. The antivirus software Anvi Smart Defender Pro Version (link: will give you a 24 hours web guard trying best to detect any malicious websites opened and popped up on your PC.

Anvi Smart Defender Guard


Step 4 clean up junk files, error and invalid registry entries and optimize your PC


Although you have removed, there still exist some residual junk files, error and invalid registry entries in your computer system due to a long time using. To ensure no’s leftovers in the system, it is necessary to give a full clean for your PC. Cloud System Booster helps to clean up them and save your disk space so that as to increase running speed of your computer.


1. Download and install free version of Cloud System Booster system maintenance & optimizer software.

Download link:


2. After you install the program, please open it, click on Quick Clear button on the main screen to run a quick and full scan.

3. Once the scan completes, there will come out a result screen, please click Clear button there to remove these junk files, invalid registry entries, etc to make sure the computer system is clean.


Note: Because some users had thier computers been infected with Hijack via malicious websites. In order to reduce the chance that the adware gets onto PC again when you visit malicious sites in your browsing history by accident, please follow us to clean up you browser cookies.

Back to Could System Booster Homepage→click Disk Cleaner→scroll over and opt for Internet Explorer Cookies, Firefox Cookies and Google Chrome Cookies→Click Start Clean to remove them.
Except this system cleaning, please clean up junk files and other system junk regularly to keep your PC in a healthy state.


Recommend for a slow PC→

 -Anvi Ultimate Defrag

If you want deep optimization, it is a good idea to defrag your hard disk using Anvi Ultimate Defrag:

This is a trial version of Anvi Ultimate Defrag download:



Tips for surfing safely


To ensure be safe online in the further, we need to adopt necessary measures to get free from virus infections. Here we offer you some effective prevention tips and these tips are applied to all of browser hijacker, redirect virus, adware, toolbar and PUPs.

1. Be attentive to visit websites, especially those unknown and with strange looking.

To avoid the harassment of various pop-ups, ads, malicious and/or hijacked websites as well as phishing websites, you have to install a legitimate software for 24-hours protection. Here we recommended you a free blocker Anvi AD Blocker to keep you surf safe online.

Download link

Because this free version is only vaild for 15 days, if you want to get a long-time online protection, you have to purchase its pro version in this link

After install the software according to instructrons, please start it and click “ON” button to keep it running. Then close it to allow it works in the background to give you a real-time protection.


for detailed instruction, please read Easy Ads-free Surfing with Anvi Ad Blocker


Besides, if you decide to block a website forever and allow Anvi AD Blocker to block it automatically for you without a notification, please do this according what the picture shows to achieve it.


2. Always keep an eye on what you click and download, including music, movies, files, browser plug-ins or add-ons. When you do install software, make sure you’re getting the software from a trusted source.

3. Even if you have to install a necessary software, please always select Custom Installation instead of Recommended Installation and refuse any plugin by opting for Decline or Skip or other means during the process of installing such free software.

4. Keep your antivirus software and other security protect applications up to data.

5. Delete internet browsing history including the history of the websites you have visited and the history of the downloads you’ve performed to prevent you from getting malicious infections again.