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How to Remove United States Courts Ransomware (Lock Screen Trojan Removal Guide)


United States Courts ransomware comes to make computer users, particularly in U.S., threatened, following other ransomware family members, like Unite States of Department ransomwar e, FBI Moneypak virus, FBI Cybercrime Division virus, etc. We all need to be aware of this United States Courts virus (Your computer has been locked scam) which can not only have a financial impact upon you but can also have devastating personal effects. Ransomware, maybe also called scareware, cryptovirus, cryptotrojan, cryptoworm or any other, becomes a big trend of pc threats that online computers facing. And one of the most cunning is something known as police themed ransomware, such as the notorious PCeU virus or Metropolitan Police Ukash virus. Whether you think the warning screen sounds official and law abiding or decidedly sinister (you are right about the later) read on as we are going to explain what the United States Courts ransomware is and how it can affect your bank account and your computer system.


What Is United States Courts Ransomware?

United States Courts lock screen is a computer virus, or rather ransomware, that holds the entire computer system for ransom to be paid using Greendot Moneypak.

It is possible that many victims of the United States Courts ransomware infection don’t ever realize that their computers or their personal files and documents can be hijacked or kidnapped too. We’re all aware of computer viruses that can be very problematic. But maybe there’s now an even more worrying trend in the world of computer crime to be aware of and that’s ransomware.

Then, what is exactly the United States Courts ransomware?

Similar to that series of FBI ransomware infections, as its name suggests, the United States Courts virus infects your computer, holds your personal data and documents for ransom and then asks you to pay in order for them to be released. It falls into the category of a drive-by virus because it is malware that has installed itself on your computer or laptop without your knowledge or permission when you visited an infected or compromised website.

Once installed, a lock screen in name of the United States Courts comes to freeze your desktop from nowhere and delivers a message saying that your computer has been locked, as well as other detailed information related to cyber crime in details like crime case NO., IP address, the picture of you and many other law enforcement clauses related and detailed instructions to guide you pay the ransom. You are demanded to pay $300 using Moneypak within 48 hours to be jail-free and other scaring punishment.
The lock screen of the United States Courts Ransomware Infection



The message reads:

United States Courts YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN LOCKED Criminal Case NO. 4:12CV072011

Illegally downloaded material (MP3’s, Movies or Software) has been located on your computer. By downloading or uploading, those files have been reproduced, thereby involving a criminal offense under 17 U.S.C.A. SS506(a) and 18 USCA SS2319 (2)(A)(B). (a) Whoever violates section 506(a) (relating to criminal offenses) of title 17 shall be punished as provided in subsection (b) of this section and such penalties shall be in addition to any other provisions of the title 17 or any other law. (b) Any person who commits an offense under subsection (a) of this section–

(2) shall be fined not more than $250,000 or imprisoned for not more than two years, or both, if the offense:
(A) involves the reproduction of distribution, during any one-hundred-and-eighty-day period, or more than one ten but less than one hundred phono records or copies infringing the copyright in one of more sound recordings;
(B) involves the reproduction or distribution, during any one-hundred-and-eighty-day period, of more than two but less than sixty-five copies infringing the copyright in one or more motion pictures or other audiovisual works.
To unlock your computer and to avoid other legal consequences, you are obligated to pay a release of $300. Payable through GreenDot Moneypak. After successful payment, your computer will automatically unlock.

Failure to adhere to this request will involve criminal charges and possible imprisonment.
To perform the payment, enter the acquired GreenDot Moneypak code in the designated payment field and press the “Submit” button.

Please note: This find may only be paid within 48 hours, if you left 48 hours pass without payment, the possibility of unlocking computer expires.
In this case the criminal case against you will continue automatically.

Your IP-Address:
Your Hostname:

You can be clearly identified by resolving your IP address and the associated hostname.

All of your files have been encrypted, any attempt to unlock your computer by yourself, will result in loss of all your data.

This program is maintained by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on behalf of the Federal Judiciary.

Everyone of you should be aware of this scam and under no circumstances should you pay the money as it claims.

Then you may wonder how to get rid of it if you unfortunately fall prey to this ransomware infection.

If so, ignore the fake alert and do not pay. Then, immediately follow the instructions step by step below in the removal guide part to get rid of it.
The United States Courts ransomware is very tricky and more sophisticated for its scam compared with the pervious ransomware infections like the police themed ransomwre Trojan Reveton. Below we take the reveton Trojan related infection as an instance.

When one gets sight of such a scaring Reveton Trojan-related lock screen may intuitively to be panic and search his memory for what website or content could possibly have triggered this. Or the victim might be to pay up either because he has looked at adult content recently or whether he has or hasn’t, are emotional distress or cause issues in a relationship is exactly what the cyber criminals want as they hope to the victim over a barrel.

Furthermore, the United States Courts virus comes as even more sophisticated these days as it presents itself to be more formal and seemingly authentic by displaying your IP address, taking picture of you and placing the specific case NO and the associate law clauses. However, the truth is that it uses free online services to identity your IP address, and makes up that case NO, or even hack into your computer to turn on your web cam and take a picture of you. As viewed from this, it is no wonder that so many victims have surrendered to pay the ransomware in order to unlock the computer. But the actuality is that there is no guarantee that the infected computer system will be unlocked after you pay.

So your best bet is to follow below removal instructions to remove the ransomware uponsight. Alternatively, call your antivirus program’s customer help to figure the infection out and fix the problem.


Wide Spread Ransomware Infections:

FBI Moneypak virusDepartment of Justice Moneypak virusFBI CyberCrime Division virusYour Computer Has Been Blocked virusRelodit virusICE Cyber Crime Center Moneypak virusUnited States Courts virusFBI “System Failure” virusInternational Cyber Security Protection Alliance virusSpamhaus Moneypak virusJoint Chiefs of Staff Moneypak virusMoneygram virusComputer Crime and Intellectual Property Section CCIPS virusU.S. Department of Homeland Security Moneypak virusFBI Cybercrime Division ICSPA virusAFP Ukash virus, etc.


Deny Flash

Most ransomware exploits Java or flash vulnerabilities to load the malicious code. In some cases denying or disabling flash on your system may suspend the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Moneypak virus and enable the user to navigate through the infected system. If this not a necessity for removal, skip to the removal options below these steps. If any questions in the process, just feel free to contact us for timely help via email below.

To disable (deny) flash 

2. Select the “Deny” radio option

3. Proceed to a removal option (detailed below).



How Did the United States Courts Ransomware Find Its Way onto Computers?


As stated above that the United States Courts virus can be installed without your knowledge and consent when you visited a compromised website, or opened a suspicious link, or opened a spam email. Often such ransomware Trojan exploits system vulnerabilities to attack the computer and is distributed via drive-by-download payload. So to avoid being infected, you are highly recommended to timely update the system patches and avail enough computer protection.


How to Remove “Your computer has been blocked” by United States Courts Scam (Ransomware Removal Guide)


Note! This tutorial applies to the removal of all Ukash, MoneyPak, Safecard and CashU ransomware infections. 

Piror to the removal guide, you have two removal options depending on your specific situation. There are mainly two scenarios that you may come up with this ransomware infection: one is that you can reboot your computer to safe mode for troubleshooting after being infected and the other is that you can not. In the case of safe mode running, you can just restore your computer to an earlier time and date to recover a healthy system while in the case of sae mode running disabled, you have to try the final solution using the Rescue Disk to repair the infected OS if you really don’t want to reinstall the OS.

Let face it directly: ransomware is a devastating computer virus and so the removal requires your patience and certain computer skills. If you have any trouble in the removal, feel free to contact us.


Now, please try rebooting your computer to safe mode by going through the step 1 of the removal option 1. If the safe mode is disabled, please switch to the removal option 2. Good luck and be safe online.


Removal Option 1-Safe Mode with Command Prompt Restore


Step 1> Launch your PC into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.


Unplug the Internet cable and restart your infected computer. During the start, repeatedly press F8 key till the Advanced Windows Options Menu shows up and then use the arrow key on the keyboard to highlight the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option and then press EnterSee detailed instructions on how to boot Windows to Safe Mode





Note: make sure you login your computer with administrative privileges. (login as admin)

Please switch to removal option 2 if you still can not boot your computer to safe mode after doing as instructed here.

Step 2> Type explorer to access


Once the Command Prompt window appears you only have few seconds to type “explorer” and hit Enter. If you fail to do so within 2-3 seconds, the ransomware virus will not allow you to type anymore.


Command Prompt window



Step >3 Once Windows Explorer shows up browse to:

  • Win XP: C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and press Enter
  • Win Vista/7: C:\windows\system32\rstrui.exe and press Enter



Step 4> Restore


Follow all steps to restore or recover your computer system to an earlier time and date (restore point), before infection. (2 weeks piror to the appearance of the lock screen would be enough as a time and date of safety. )




Step 5> Restart


Restart your computer to normal mode to check whether the ransomware is clean.

And it is important that at the moment you can use your installed antivirus or the recommended antimalware to do a full scan on your infected computer so to make sure the system is clean from any potantial infections else.

Recommended: you can now plug in the Internet cable again to connect to the Internet and then use the recommended antimalware Anvi Smart Defender (direct download: to scan your computer and enhance your computer protection.

Anvi Smart Defender is developed to provide you with all-round positive guard solutions, including malicious/phishing websites filter, ads blocker and real-time web guard to secure your online surfing meanwhile it offers effective malware detect and remove with real-timely updated database online. Learn more..on malware removal and prevent solutions using Anvi Smart Defender


Removal Option 2-Remove the Ransomware using Anvi Rescue Disk


In most cases of computer infected by ransomware,  your PC would be totally blocked from any operation, including safe mode runing. Then, you can use the Anvi Rescue Disk to fix the issue together with the antimalware Anvi Smart Defender.  Some patience and time is needed for this removal emthod. If any question in the process, please feel free to send your email below to our online Technical Support for timely help.


Below is a video of ransomware removal using Anvi Rescue Disk for your reference.


Step 1> Download the Anvi Rescue Disk iso image file


Download the Anvi Rescue Disk iso image file Rescue.iso and the USB disk production tool BootUsb.exe from Anvisoft official site. (Both are packaged in the file offered to download below.)

Direct download link:

Please kindly note that Rescue.iso is a large file to download; please be patient while it downloads.


Step 2> Record the Anvi Rescue Disk iso image to USB drive.


You can also record the iso image to a CD/DVD. We will introduce the steps to record iso image to a CD/DVD in following guide.


To record the Anvi Rescue Disk iso image to USB drive:

1. Firstly find a clean computer with correct internet connection and then connect your USB driver to the clean computer. You’d better backup your important data and format your USB drive before using it to record the iso image.

2. Locate your download folder and double-click on BootUsb.exe to start it. And then click “Choose File” button to browser into your download folder and select Rescue.iso file as your source file.

USB burning


3. Select the path of USB drive, such as Drive H:

4. Click “Start Burning” to start the burn of USB Rescue Disk boot drive.

5.Please close BootUsb.exe tool after you successfully burn the file to the USB drive when you get the following message.



Now, you have bootable Anvi Rescue Disk to repair your computer.


——Alternative Option


You can also record Anvi Rescue Disk iso image to a DV/DVD. Any CD/DVD record software is fine for burn iso image. If you don’t have any, you can download and install Nero Burning ROM and ImgBurn. Here we will use Nero Burning ROM for demonstration purpose.

Please open and start Nero Burning ROM and select Burn Image from the drop-down menu of the Recorder.

CD/DVD recorder


1. Locate your download folder and select Rescue.iso file as your source file and then click Open button.




2. Click Burn button to start record the iso image. After a few minutes, you will have a bootable Anvi Rescue Disk to repair your computer.


burn compiliation


Step 3> Configure your infected computer to boot from the USB drive/DV/DVD


Restart your infected computer and configure it to boot from USB drive/DV/DVD that recorded Anvi Rescue Disk.

Basically , you can use F8 to load USB boot menu.

For different motherboard, you may need to use the Delete or F2, F11 keys, to load the BIOS menu. Normally, the information on how to enter the BIOS menu is displayed on the screen at the start of the OS boot.

boot menu instruction


The keys F1, F8, F10, F12 might be used for some motherboards, as well as the following key combinations:

  • • Ctrl+Esc
  • • Ctrl+Ins
  • • Ctrl+Alt
  • • Ctrl+Alt+Esc
  • • Ctrl+Alt+Enter
  • • Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • • Ctrl+Alt+Ins
  • • Ctrl+Alt+S

If you can enter Boot Menu directly then simply select your CD/DVD-ROM as your 1st boot device.

If you can’t enter Boot Menu directly then simply use Delete key to enter BIOS menu. Select Boot from the main BIOS menu and then select Boot Device Priority. After that, set USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM as your 1st Boot Device. Save changes and exist BIOS menu.


Step> 4 Boot your computer from Anvi Rescue Disk.


After that let’s boot your computer from Anvi Rescue Disk.

1. Restart your computer. After restart, a message will appear on the screen: press any key to enter the menu. So, press Enter or any other key to load the Anvi Rescue Disk

2. please selected your preferred language and press Enter to continue.

Anvi Rescue disk language setting


Step> 5 Run the Anvi Rescue Disk to scan and repair.


1. Now you are in the mini Operating system, please double-click Rescue tool to start Anvi Rescue disk.

Anvi Rescue Disk
Important note: make sure that your computer is connected to network connection before you run a scan on your computer. If you fail to connect your computer to Internet, please check the tutorial on network configuration in this article: Network Troubleshooting Tips for Ransomware Removal Using Anvi Rescue Disk

Connection established


2. Please run a full scan by clicking the “Scan Computer” button in the middle of the program to detect and kill the PC lockup virus.


Anvi Rescue disk scan


3. Clicking “Fix Now” to Remove the detected threats detected by Anvi Rescue Disk.

Anvi Rescue disk fix now


4. Switch to Repair tab. Scan and fix the registry error with the “Repair” module of Anvi Rescue Disk.


Anvi Rescue disk repair


Important Notice: You must repair the registry error after kill the virus. Otherwise, you would be disabled to boot your Windows without fixing registry damaged by the virus.


Step>6 Download Anvi Smart Defender antimalware to ensure a clean computer.


After the repair, your computer should be clean and resuced from the evil claw of the ransomware infection. However, many professionally crafted ransomware variants have evolved to be very persistant, that is to say, harder to remove, so you are highly recommended to download the antimalware Anvi Smart Defender by clicking Yes button on the prompted window to fulfill the download.


Download ASD in Rescue Disk


After the download, please restart your computer to normal Windows mode and then go to the folder: C:\Users\[username]\Downloads

Find the downloaded file asdsetup.exe and double click its file to install it and then start it to perform a full scan on your computer sytem, in order to ensure the computer is clean from any associated infections or leftovers.

After the scan, remove any detected infections and then you can have a clean computer now.


Recommended step:

To return a smooth running computer system after the virus removal, you are highly recommended to use a system optimizer like Cloud System Booster to fully boost your computer performance by throwing out junk files, fixing registry errors, optimizing system services and cleanning application files. You can directly download the Cloud System Booster with convenience here:


cloud system booster results

You can either download the free version or upgrade it to paid version for basic system maintenance use and upgraded system optimizing efficiency.



How to Proptect Your Computer from United States Courts Ransomware Infection and Similar Attack


1. Timely install system securith patches released by Microsoft.

As mentioned above that most ransomware trojans seek their ways onto computer for scams by exploiting system vunlerabilities. Therefore to prevent such kind of infections, you are supposed to timely install pack of system patches released by Microsoft.

2. Enhance your computer security using an antimalware program

Also you are highly advised to avail enough computer protection solutions with antivirus, antimalware programs. Anvi Smart Defender would be a nice choice that coworks with your installed antivirus to enhance your online protection.

3. Be very careful when suring online. 

There are various risks of scams online, so you should be very careful when you are visiting webpages. Stay away from those malicious websites, often with exceeding ads or embarrasing contents, and phishing sites. Then how? Here we offer you an ad blocker-Anvi AD Blocker, which is developed to block annoying yet risky pop up ads, flash ads and malicious websites, phishing sites and even your unwanted websites.

A screenshot of Anvi AD Blocker

Please note that Anvi AD Blocker offers you only free trial use for 15 days. You can buy it now (price: $ 9.98 for 1year/PC) or you can use it for free in the antimalware Anvi Smart Defender professional version( price: $24.98 1year/PC) by upgrading the installed Anvi Smart Defender to pro version now.

Regardless of all, you are supposed to turn on security features of the Internet browser when you are browsing online. See detailed instructions to turn on Security Features of IE, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Good luck and be safe online. For any question related to our recommended software or malware removal, feel free to email us below.