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Remove WebCake Pop Up Ads (Adware Removal Guide)


WebCake constantly pops up ads banners at the bottom or side of the webpage when you are browsing online? Or you are annoyed by excessive pop up ads? Then, this article mainly details on how to get rid of WebCake 3.0 pop up ads.


What is WebCake pop up ads?


WebCake is an adware, owned by WebCake LLC, that serves as an ads supporting platform in form of browser add-ons. Strictly speaking, it is not actually a virus but it is annoying and has a low rating among users.


Often, WebCake is distributed via bundle software like Goforfiles. Once settled, it will pop up advertisements, sponsored links, coupons in form of box and underlined keyword link ads, especially when you are visiting shopping sites like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc.


Webcake ads on Ebay

 webcake ads on ebay



Webcake ads on Amazon

webcake ads on amazon



Symptoms of Having WebCake Adware


>Webcake boxing ads come up when you are shopping online

> It infiltrates by bundling other software

> It is compatible with multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

> It installs its program to the computer and its add-on to your installed web browser like IE, Firefox and Chrome.

> It will drag your browsing speed



How to Remove WebCake Pop Up Ads (Removal Guide)


To remove WebCake pop up ads, you can follow below step 1 and step 2 to get rid of its program and its add-ons, while you want to prevent its recovery, you should also follow the step 3 to stop its services and startups, as well as ensure you also uninstall the program which bundles WebCake.  If any question in the process, feel free to email us for timely help. Here we go.


step1Uninstall WebCake and Related Malicious Programs


> Uninstall Using Anvi Uninstaller


 Note: To prevent this webcake from coming back and install, you’d better also uninstall the software that you installed and bundle this WebCake. If you have any difficulties in doing this, the Uninstaller which is integrated in Toolbox of Cloud System Booster may be some helpful. 

Download Cloud System Booster

Free DownloadFree Download

After the download and install, start it and click Expert to switch to expert mode and then locate on Toolbox tab to find Anvi Uninstaller, click Run to run it. This tool can list the name of your recent installed programs where you may find easier to uninstall the suspicious software which bundles the WebCake. Good luck.

Below is a screenshot of Anvi Uninstaller

uninstaller webcake


> Uninstall through Control Panel


For Windows XP:

Click “Start“>”Control Panel“>”Add or Remove Programs“>”Programs and Features“>Look for the program WebCake, select it and click Remove.


For Windows 7/Vista:

Click “Start” (“Windows Logo”)>”Control Panel“>”Uninstall a program“(under Program)>Look for the program WebCake, select it and click Uninstall/Change.

webcake uninstall


For Windows 8:


Right-click on the screen’s bottom-left corner> “Control Panel” >”Uninstall a program“(under Program)> Look for the program WebCake,  select it and click Uninstall/Change.


step2Remove WebCake Add-on from IE, Firefox and Chrome


First of all, if you think the removal process of WebCake add from IE, Firefox or Chrome is troublesome for you, then you may make full use of this convenient tool-Anvi Slim Toolbar.

Free DownloadFree Download

A Screenshot of Anvi Slim Toolbar

Slim Toolbar WebCake

If you would like to manually remove WebCake from your web browser, below is a manual removal guide for your reference:

Remove WebCake from Internet Explorer


Open your Internet Explorer and click the settings icon and then select manage add-ons from the dropped menu.

IE manage add-on


On the opened window of manage add-ons, locate the Toolbars and Extensions tab, find WebCake or any others suspiciously unwanted to disable.

 webcake extension- IE

Please note, you may find that you can just disable these unwanted add-ons but cannot remove them manually in IE, so here you can use the Anvi Slim Toolbar to remove both.

Remove WebCake from Mozilla Firefox


1. Open Mozilla Firefox and click on Firefox button on the top left. Click Add-ons from the dropped menu.

Firefox add-ons1

There will open a window of Firefox add-ons, where you need to locate on Extensions and Plugins tabs, check out there for any potentially left extensions or plugins related to WebCake to remove one by one.

webcake extension in Firefox


Please note it is normal that no plugins or extensions related found to remove since we’ve uninstalled the related program from the computer system previously.

2. Configure Firefox

Open a new blank tab in your Firefox, and type about:config in the address bar to open a window as shown in below picture.

Firefox configuration

Click I’ll be careful, I promise! to continue.

Then,  you will see a window shown as below image. Type WebCake in the search box and click Enter to get a search list of WebCake related items, locate one by one to right click it and select reset from the dropped options to reset.

webcake configure in firefox


That’s it about fixing WebCake issues in Firefox.


Remove WebCake from Google Chrome


Open Google Chrome and click on the wrench or bars icon to select Tools>extensions from the dropped menu.

Chrome extension removal 1


There will open the a window, where you need to find the Mixi.DJ related or Delta related extensions and click the Trash can to remove it. If confirmation of the removal needed, just click OK to proceed the removal.

webcake extension in Chrome

That’s it.


step3Stop WebCake Service and Startup in Windows OS


As mentioned above, to prevent the WebCake from coming back and reinstall, you’re also suggested to stop WebCake service and startup in Windows. To do this, please click on Windows Start button and type msconfig.exe in the appearing search box to find msconfig.exe and click it to run.



In the opened window, locate both Services and Startup tabs and then find any related item to unselect the service or startup as shown in below images. After that, click Apply to apply the change and click OK to exit. Here you may be asked to restart and check about that and you can either choose to restart now and restart later.

Disable WebCake related Service

Disable WebCake Service


Disable WebCake Startup

webcake startup


That’s it.


Tips to Avoid Unwilling WebCake Install


To avoid unexpected Webcake install, you should pay close inspection every time you download and install software, freeware in particular, from the Internet and always choose custom install in case of any bundled program installed unexpectedly.



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