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How to Remove Windows Paramount Protection Virus? (Rogueware Removal Guide)


Windows Paramount Protection sneaked into your computer and claims that your computer is seriously infected? You are freaked out when seeing various warnings and alerts popped up by Windows Paramount Protection? In this article, we will show how to remove this notorious computer infection.



What Is Windows Paramount Protection?


Windows Paramount Protection is part of the Rogue.FakeVimes family of computer infections which is a fake anti-spyware. Windows Paramount Protection does nothing but do harms to your computer. Its main purpose is to scare computer users into paying for its full version to get the so-call ultimate protection.


What Windows Paramount Protection Does:


> Takes over your desktop while installing itself;

> Disables and turns off windows system utilities, such as Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, Task Manager and Registry Editor;

Windows Firewall turned off

Windows Defender turned off

> Shuts down your running security programs forcefully;

> Runs a system scan automatically and presents various non-existent infections;

Windows Paramount Protection

> Blocks you from accessing the Internet and opening any legitimated application on your computer;

legitimate program blocked

> Displays various horrible fake alert, error notification and warnings.


Never activate Windows Paramount Protection, because by doing that you may fall victim to credit theft, extortion schemes, and identity theft, as well as other forms of severe cybercriminal acts.

Windows Paramount Protection is a very persistent rogue anti-spyware program, because it can start up anyway when you start Windows either in normal mode or in Safe Mode with Networking.



How to Remove Windows Paramount Protection?


As mentioned above, Windows Paramount Protection runs even in the Safe Mode with Networking, so you need to download removal tools onto a CD or USB using a non-infected computer.


Step 1 > Download Anvi Smart Defender and copy it onto a CD or USB


In the removal process, Anvi Smart Defender plays a key role. Anvi Smart Defender is an Antimalware program that can detect and remove the core files of Windows Paramount Protection.


Anvi Smart Defender free download link:

Anvi Smart Defender purchase link:



Step 2 > Start the infected computer into the Safe Mode with Command Prompt


As mentioned in the description, Windows Paramount Protection will take over the desktop of your computer, so you have to close Windows Paramount Protection to gain access to your desktop.

When you try to close the program by clicking on the X, it will pop up an Error notification.

Windows Accelerator Pro-error notification


Do as it prompt: go to settings and check the Allow Unprotected Startup option.

Unprotected Startup


Now you can close Windows Paramount Protection, but it is still running in the background. However, now you can gain access to your desktop.


Now, boot your computer to the Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

1. Restart your computer.

2. During the start, tap F8 key repeatedly till you are brought to the Windows Advanced Options Menu.

3. Use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Command Prompt and then press Enter.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt

If you fail to boot the infected computer to Safe Mode with Command Prompt, or you have Windows 8 operating system run on your PC, you may go to How to Boot Windows into Safe Mode for tutorials.

4. Once the Command Prompt window comes out, type “explorer” and hit Enter. Now you can close the Command Prompt window and the windows desktop will show up.




Step 3 > Remove the core files of Windows Paramount Protection with Anvi Smart Defender


1. Insert your CD or USB to the infected computer and locate the setup file for Anvi Smart Defender, then double click on it to install Anvi Smart Defender.


2. Launch Anvi Smart Defender and perform a quick scan, then remove the detected threats.

Anvi Smart Defender-remove Windows Paramount Protection


3. Restart your computer to the normal mode and run a full scan with Anvi Smart Defender to make sure that all the malicious files are removed.



Step 4 > Clean up and speed up your computer with Cloud System Booster


Please note that after uninstall malicious programs, there will be many residual files – like invalid registry entries still on your computer. These junk files occupy disk space of your computer and may degrade your computer performance over time. It is complicated to delete them manually, so you may need the help of a system cleaner or system optimizer. We recommend you Cloud System Booster.


1. Download and install Cloud System Booster.

Cloud System Booster free download link:


2. Launch Cloud System Booster and click on Quick Care button to scan and clear residual files.

Cloud System Booster 3.1-home


3. Click on Clear button when scan finished.

Cloud System Booster 3.1-Clear



How Did Windows Paramount Protection Infect Your Computer?


Roguewares like Windows Paramount Protection are usually placed on malicious websites or compromised legitimate websites in the form of drive-by download. It exploits the vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system or the applications on your computer to get itself installed.

Cyber Criminals also like to spread computer virus though infected attachments or embedded links containing in the spam emails. All too often, those emails are sent to you under the name of shipping companies or logistics companies which hardly fail to catch your eyes.

Sometimes, those rogueware are disguised as useful software or necessary Updates. You should be careful about the shared files on peer-to-peer file sharing websites, too.



Tips for Preventing Being Infected by This Kind of Rogueware:


1. Keep the Windows operating system and all the software on your computer up-to-date, and patch the system vulnerabilities timely when prompted.


2. Protect your computer with up-to-date security software. Working along with your installed antivirus solution, antimalware program, Anvi Smart Defender, can provide an additional layer of protection to your computer. The Full Guard function puts your computer under real-time protection and keeps you away from malware and malicious websites.

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3. Be careful when surfing the Internet and keep an eye on the links and pop-ups before you click on them. You are strongly recommended to turn on the security feature of IE, Firefox and Chrome. Or, you may make use of Anvi Ad Blocker to create a clean online environment. It is available for free if you are an Anvi Smart Defender pro version user.

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4. Don’t click on links or open attachments from untrusted sources.