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How to Uninstall Otshot (HotShot Removal Guide)

Search around to find instructions to uninstall otshot? Whether this Otshot is a malware/virus a lot? Is it dangerous or there to steal my privacy? Many users when encounter this seem desperate to know the answers. Then, any of you find this hard to uninstall Otshot may just rest your worries about the risks of infection for the moment since the Otshot is actually not a virus or malware but a photo editing application that sometimes may come bundled with adware or PUPs to install with annoying pop up ads or automatically start up every time you start your computer. That is why you usually have no idea when and how this OtShot install and assume it as a virus. If you now think it unwanted and want to uninstall it but can not find it through Control Panel, then follow the instructions included in this article to get your pc issues related to Otshot and the adware pop up fixed. Read on.

The Screenshot of Otshot


Bundled Download During Otshot Install

startup download otshot


If you can not uninstall Otshot from Control Panel, you are very likely to get some adware install and then you would certainly see some pop up ads from nowhere. However, as you may know that adware is not as risky as other viruses or malware like ransomware and rogueware are, the adware is still irritating and it can have a knock on effect. Once infected, your computer system will be bombarded with an endless stream of pop up advertisements and banners which will appear on your computer no matter what website you are visiting or what program you might be using at any given time. Although adware is not very dangerous as some Trojan horses or malware infections, it is still an invasion of your privacy and may have install something without your knowledge. Not to mention the annoying pop up ads. Adware can turn nasty when it works with spyware which enables it to deliver you advertisements as per your searching habits attempting to make more profits as possible as it can.


Thus, before going ahead to uninstall OtShot, you are highly encouraged to remove adware or PUPs recently installed with the recommended tool to remove the installed adware first and then manually to uninstall OtShot and related PUPs.


To Uninstall Otshot, follow below Instructions:


Step 1. Delete adware’s add-ons or toolbars using Anvi Slim Toolbar


Since the majority of adware use add-on or toolbars to deliver their sponsored links or ads, it is highly recommended to use the Anvi Slim Toolbar to detect the plug-ins/add-ons/extensions/toolbars.

Anvi Slim Toolbar Safe Download (Size: 9.44 MB)

cnet download


Instructions: 1. Download and install; 2. Click Manage the main screen; 3. Find any suspicious or unnecessary add-ons/extensions/toolbars on the detected list of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Anvi Slim Toolbar


Please note, before you use this tool, we highly recommend you close your web browser first and  remove all suspicious or unfamiliar add-ons/plug-ins using Anvi Slim Toolbar with convenience.


Step 2. Find OtShot icon, seen as a pink heart, right click it and hit Exit.

otshot exit

If you can not find the icon, then open the task manager and end OtShot.exe process.

Otshot end process


Step 3. Go to Control Panel->Programs(Uninstall a program), and then check for any suspicious software or PUPs there including Otshot, if any, click it to remove one by one.

If you cannot find Otshot in the Control Panel, find OtShot Folder in Program Files or Program Files (x86) and delete it.

Otshot program file


Step 4. Chances are this Otshot may also create a startup entry. Click Start button, and type msconfig.exe in the open edit box and click OK. Then under the Startup tab, select the check box next to the Otshot program so there is NO check mark in the box.

Otshot startup

That’s it.


Tips to Aovid Unwilling PUP Install


You should always pay close attention when installing some freeware or shareware from the Internet and always opt for custom install so as to avoid some adware or PUP bundled.

Meanwhile, you can also bet on the Anvi Slim Toolbar which also provides real-time protection in sight of some potentially unwanted toolbars that attempt to install onto your web browser in form of a prompt where you can ether stop the install or ignore it to get installed.

For any question related to OtShot Uninstall, feel free to get in touch by emailing us below.


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When it comes to computer security online, a suite of trusted antivirus, antimalware, firewall is essential besides carefulness while visiting website. Basically, you are also reminded to turn on security features of web browsers. Some are automatically on now but you’d better check it out for secure. See detailed information on Turn on Security Features of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.




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