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Remove Pop Up (Adware Removal Guide)

If you see popup within your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, then you have got infected with some adware or PUP on your computer currently. Learn more to fix the issue.


What is Popup? pop up is a result of installing some PUP or adware which comes bundled with free downloads online. These can be video player, download manager, or even PDF converter. popup is an ads-supporting platform to make money via drawing traffic. It infiltrates into the computer without the user’s knowledge or permission. Once infected, will pop up from the web browser, displaying sponsored links to websites. is not strictly a virus but it is risky to leave it on the machine. This infection is not only annoying, but also stubborn, because it does show some rootkit traits that may make it hard to remove. Many antivirus may not pick this infection up because it is not a virus at all. However some antimalware like Anvi Smart Defender provides adware/PUP detection and removal. To get rid of this pop up related adware and PUP, you may use below removal guide for assistance.


Risks of Having Popup Infection


♦ It messes up the browser search and certainly degrades the user experiences of browsing searching.

♦ It makes the system expose to more potentially dangerous websites and even other malware infections.

♦ It slows down the system performance as well as the web browser.


Many adware pop up is distributed via bundling freeware downloads from the Internet. In view of this, you may take below measures to prevent the popup ads like

1> Use caution when surfing online, especially when required to download some freeware for video play or updates.

2> Be very careful when you decide to download and install some freeware online. Pay close inspection to the installation and always choose custom install in order to prevent any bundled PUP or adware attached to be installed.

3> Avail your computer of enough online guard with some antimalware like Anvi Smart Defender which offers web guard and process guard to prevent any malicious program invades and running. You may try this tool (safe download link:

4> Some ads blocker program like Anvi AD Blocker would also do the trick when it comes to blocking pop up ads/banners or malicious websites. (Anvi Ad Blocker download link: Or at least you need to ensure turn on the security features of the web browser. See more on guide to turn on security features of IE, Firefox and Chrome.


If you get your computer affected already, immediately follow below removal guide to get rid of adware pop up like



How to Get Rid of PopUp (Adware Removal Guide)


Step 1. Full Scan the Computer to Remove Hidden Risky Components

Step 2. Uninstall Related PUP from Control Panel

Step 3. Repair Browser Settings Modified by PUP

Step 4. Remove Related Cookies and Maintain the System Performance

Step 5. Block using Anvi AD Blocker


Step 1. Full Scan the Computer to Remove Hidden Risky Components from Computer comes together with other PUP install, which may show rootkit traits to hide in the system. Thus to ensure your computer is clean away from hidden risky components related , you are highly recommended to full scan your PC using your installed antivirus or here recommended antimalware-Anvi Smart Defender.


delta search asd scanned result

Instructions: 1. Download and install. 2. Switch to the second tab-the scan tab and click on Full Scan button. 3. Remove the malicious results scanned by Anvi Smart Defender antimalware.


Step 2. Uninstall Related PUP from Control Panel



Search protect by conduit uninstall

Here for demonstration, we use the most common Search Protect by Conduit as an example. 

Note: To completely fix the issue, you need to remove all suspicious PUP since many PUPs can cause the popup. Below are some mostly reported PUPs associated with the

Bueno Search, Web Search, Delta search, Browser Protect, Search Protect by conduit, Mixi.DJ, Internet toolbar, WhiteSmoke, Babylon, Oople Toolbar, Pihar, Tracur, etc.


For Win 8: Press Windows key or hover the cursor in the bottom left of the screen to access Start Menu →locate the related PUP → right click on the icon→ Click Uninstall from the appeared toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

For Windows 7/Vista: Click Start →Click Control Panel → Locate Programs, and click Uninstall a program→ find the related PUP from the opened list → Locate the item you want to uninstall and right click to open the dropped menu, where you need to click Uninstall/Change. If there comes an confirmation, click Yes to proceed.

For Windows xp:  Click Start → Select Control Panel → Click Add/Remove Programs → Find the related PUP from the opened list → locate and right click the item which you want to uninstall → click Remove to proceed the uninstall.


Uninstall Tips:

It is possible that the uninstall may be difficult to fulfill when you don’t know which and when causes this issue, then you may use this tool-Anvi Uninstaller which is integrated in Cloud System Booster (a system cleaner).

Cloud System Booster download:

There is a Recently Installed tab in the Anvi Uninstaller which can help more conveniently find the recently uninstalled PUP and then clean the leftovers (registry entries left). To use this tool, you can

  • 1. Download and install the Cloud System Booster.
  • 2. Start it and click on Expert on the main screen to open Expert interface where you can locate Toolbox tab and select Anvi Uninstaller to Run.
  • 3. Locate the Recent Installed tab and then find the Delta Search toolbar and the related programs to uninstall.

Anvi Uninstaller recently installed

Then you will see below window

Anvi Uninstall


Please note that here the process 3 is only available for Pro version users. This step can help you clean out those left files, mainly registry entries of the uninstalled PUP.

Anvi Uninstall 2

And if you want this, you can conveniently purchase the Cloud System Booster here:


Step 3. Repair Browser Settings Modified by PUP often comes bundled other PUP install, which would cause malicious toolbar/add-on/plugin installed, default search engine modified and homepage hijacked. Thus it is necessary to get all browser settings repaired after remove the risky components and the program.

To repair browser settings infected by browser hijacker or PUPs, the usual method is to remove the add-on, repair the homepage and search engine, etc. Alternatively, if you not sure about which PUP causes the hijacking or pop up, you can also reset the web browser for the final solution which always works well.

And here we decide to guide you reset the web browser to default in order to fix the issue with efficiency. Otherwise, you can also choose to manually repair the browser settings as well.

> Reset Internet Explorer

> Reset Mozilla Firefox

> Reset Google Chrome


IEReset Internet Explorer


1. Open Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon (Tools for IE 8 and below users) at the top (far right), then click again on Internet Options.


2. In the Internet Options dialog box, locate the Advanced tab, then click on the Reset button.


3. In the Reset Internet Explorer settings section, check the Delete personal settings box, then click on Reset.

4. When Internet Explorer finishes resetting, click Close in the confirmation dialogue box and then click OK.

>next step


Firefox Reset Mozilla Firefox


1. Open Firefox, click the Firefox button, go over to the Help sub-menu, and select Troubleshooting Information.



2. Click the Reset Firefox button in the upper-right corner of the Troubleshooting Information page.


3. To continue, click Reset Firefox in the confirmation window that opens.

4. Firefox will close and be reset. When it’s done, a window will list the information that was imported. Click Finish.

>next step



chromeReset Google Chrome


1. Access to below file:

C:Users[username]AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Datadefault

The folder “Default” contains all of the requisite settings.  To reset Chrome, close it and change the folder name of “Default” to anything else…”Default old” or “Default broken” or whatever else you like. Once you reopen Chrome it will be reset!

If you want to retain some settings (especially things like bookmarks and login info) you can copy (don’t just move them because they should be kept intact as backups; copy them) those files into your new Default folder any time that Chrome is closed.

Note: The current version of Chrome does not provide the reset function in its settings list and you can sue the above method to set it to default settings in order to fix the browser issues without reinstall it.

However, in Chrome 15,16,17, you can go to: Options →Personal Stuff → Users→Delete User.

If you are the only chrome user, you will be the only user in the list. Click on “DELETE THIS USER” and viola…. You have reset Google Chrome to default settings.

All your add-ons, settings will restore to defaut.


Step 4. Remove Related Cookies and Maintain System Performance


See to remove the cookies since there would be cookies associated with the, which causes the constant pop up in your web browser.

Tips: Before the cookies removal, you’d better backup your important personal information like some important username and passwords.

Besides, PUP install and adware popup can jam the system and degrade the system performance. It is necessary to clean the system from all those junks. Yet, you can use some system cleaner like Cloud System Booster for both tasks ( cookies cleaning and junks removal).

Cloud System Booster Download:

Instructions: 1. Download and install.

2. Click Settings icon on the main screen and then navigate to Boost tab → Cleaner Privacy Cleaner, and then select the infected web browser which always pop up the It is recommended to select all web browsers that you have on your PC.

clean cookies


3. Click OK and X to exit and then back on the home screen, click Boost button  and remove the junks when the scan finished.
cloud system booster system cleaning


More recommended: if you want a deep optimization, then hard disk defragmentation would be a good idea. As for this, Anvi Ultimate Defrag is available for your nice try.

This is a trial version of Anvi Ultimate Defrag download:



Step 5. Block using Anvi Ad Blocker

Here you may also choose the Anvi Ad Blocker to help you block this sites by adding the URL to its blacklist. Besides this tool provides a huge online database to help you filter most malicious/phishing websites and annoying advertisements.

ad blocker

Anvi AD Blocker download:

Please note this is a trial version of Anvi Ad Blocker for 15 days free use. If you want it for longer time, you can conveniently buy it here.

>> See more on Safer Surfing online with Anvi Ad Blocker

To block the using Anvi AD Blocker, you can follow below instructions on the image:

block unwanted websites using Anvi Ad Blocker

>> See more on Safer Surfing online with Anvi Ad Blocker


Not only can this tool help you block those malicious, phishing websites and most advertisements to reduce risks of getting infected, but also it can assist you in filtering those unwanted URLs like this by adding the URL into its black list.

If any question in the removal process, contact us at any time for timely help.