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Remove Popup (Removal Guide)

This article explains how to be secure from phishing site with a detailed virus removal guide.


What is is a malicious phishing website that tricks users to download some PUP or even risky infections from the Internet. Below is the case of a victim user encounter this

It looks legitimate that claims Firefox is affiliated with this site. It keeps prompting me to update my browser. It looks suspicious. The file name that it tries to download is firefox_setup.exe

When I attempt to install keeps asking for my permission to change search engines and tool bars, I cancelled the installation until i hear back from anyone.

Please let me know if this is a legitimate browser update.

It is true that many phishing or malicious website work this way to distribute malicious software.

No web browser company including Microsoft, Mozilla and Google, Mac is affiliated with this site, and whatever you download from this is malware.

browse-update site reported by Chrome


Please be alerted about this nasty phishing site and never be tricked to download anything from


If pop ups from appear within your web browser, scan your system and remove any potential infections. Before we walk through the removal guide to get rid of popups, let’s see some tips to prevent popups and related infections.

Tips to Prevent Popups 


Prevention better than virus removal. Avoid this phishing site at all cost. Below are some tips for precaution.

1. Use caution when browsing the Internet. Basically, you should ensure turn on security features of your web browser. See detailed instructions to turn on security features of IE, Firefox and Chrome. Plus. some tools like Anvi Ad Blocker would do a good job to help you filter most malicious/phishing websites and pop up ads. Anvi Ad Blocker download: See more details on Easy Ads-free Surfing with Anvi Ad Blocker.

2. Take extra caution when you are required to download some browser updates, or adobe flash players. These are very likely to lead you to malicious downloads.

3. Pay attention when clicking a superlink or opening an email from unknown people and express company. It is too careful to open an attachment contained in a spam email or peer-to-peer shared files from the Internet.

4. Regularly clean up system files to maintain a healthy system.

5. Keep your system and installed programs up to date.

6. At any rate, the best way to protect computer from infections would be always security tools including firewall, antivirus, antimalware like Anvi Smart Defender.



How to Get Rid of Popups (Removal Guide)


Step 1. Scan your computer system with your installed antivirus or here recommended Anvi Smart Defender.


1. Download and install Anvi Smart Defender

Free version download:

Get Pro version:

(Pro version can provide more protection to help the computer immune to future threats.)
2. Switch to the second tab-the scan tab and click on Full Scan button.

3. Remove the malicious results scanned by Anvi Smart Defender antimalware.

delta search asd scanned result


 Step 2. Remove key browser data including browser history and tracking cookies.

It is always a good idea to clean browser data, browser history and tracking cookies in particular, after infected with some web browser related virus, regarding privacy security online. In this regard, some tools like Cloud System Booster can efficiently do this job:
1. Download and install.

Cloud System Booster download:


2. Start the program and click Disk Cleaner button on the main screen and then on the left navigator, locate the web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome that you use, and then select item of removing cookies. It is recommended to select all web browsers that you have on your PC.

clean cookies in cloud system booster


2. Click Home button to back on home page and click Quick Care button and the system maintenance begins.


Cloud System Booster 3.1-toolbar manage

Cloud System Booster 3.1 system cleaning


–Alternatively, you can also choose to reset your browser settings to ensure any modified browser settings restored to normal. See detailed instructions to set browser settings as default within IE/Firefox/Chrome


Recommended for a slow PC→

-Anvi Ultimate Defrag

If you want deep optimization, it is a good idea to defrag your hard disk using Anvi Ultimate Defrag:

This is a trial version of Anvi Ultimate Defrag download:



Step 3. Block popup and many other phishing sites and ads using Anvi Ad Blocker

To block malicious/phishing/compromised websites and annoying pop up ads, you can also choose Anvi Ad Blocker apart from turn on security features of your web browser. With Anvi Ad Blocker, you can block this phishing sites and its popups by adding the URL to its blacklist.


ad blocker


Anvi AD Blocker download:

Please note this is a trial version of Anvi Ad Blocker for 15 days free use. If you want it for longer time, you can conveniently buy it here.

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To block the using Anvi AD Blocker, you can follow below instructions on the image:

block unwanted websites using Anvi Ad Blocker

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If any question, leave it below.