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Remove Fupa Games Toolbar & Homepage (Browser Hijacker Removal Guide)

This article describes how to get rid of Fupa Games Toolbar and homepage hijacking within Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, with a step by step removal guide.


What is Fupa Games Toolbar & homepage? 


Coming as another community toolbar by Conduit company, which is noted for owning hundreds of advertising platforms, Fupa Games toolbar is categorized as a browser hijacker because it hijacks web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome by replacing the homepage with, adding its browser extension and modifying the default search provider, without user’s permission or knowledge.


The image of Fupa Games Toolbar hijacking the web page and redirect the homepage to

fupa games conduit hijacker in chrome


Once settled, Fupa Games toolbar will hijack your web browser via a browser add-on shown as Fupa, meanwhile modifying your default web search provider with Conduit search. Then every time you open your web browser or even a new tab, you seems to be forced to use the conduit search, which currently just utilize the real search results by reputable search provider like Google, Bing, Yahoo, but actually with various ads mixed to be puzzling.


With this Fupa Games toolbar and Conduit Search hijack, you will face floods of popup ads that prompts you to download low rating free downloads like PriceGong or Value Apps as shown below. The former is recognized as Adware:win32/PriceGong by microsft and the later is also anther harmful adware using malicious java scripts.

pricegong promoted by pconverter toolbar conduit searchvalue apps download promoted by veoh web player toolbar


Worse still, this Fupa Games toolbar and search can track your web search behaviors to violate your online privacy and even compromise your system security online.

fupa games browser extension permisson


Let alone the annoying redirects to misleading websites and sluggish or even contingently crashed system, and slower and slower web browsing resulted from the hijacking of Fupa Games toolbar and


Thus for any reason, avoid Fupa Games toolbar and at all cost. If you unfortunately encounter such hijacking, you may use below removal guide to get rid of it completely.


Distribution and Prevent Tips


This Fupa Games toolbar is typically distributed via bundling freeware downloaded from the Internet. Thus technically it could not be called a virus but a browser hijacker because it does not use any exploits or trojans to spread.

The Fupa Games toolbar and homepage hijacking comes as a consequence of installing some freeware from the Internet. These software can be audio/video player, PDF converter, Flash player update/web browser update, software informer, download manager, etc.

Mostly likely, people get this Fupa Games toolbar infiltrate to hijack their web browser when they recklessly download and install some required software when visiting some websites. They think they have download some things needed or useful however end up with the nasty redirects and hijacking of toolbar and conduit search.


–To keep safe away from PCoverter B3 toolbar and hijacking, you can take below tips into practice for precautions:


1. Use caution when browsing the Internet. Basically, you should ensure turn on security features of your web browser. See detailed instructions to turn on security features of IE, Firefox and Chrome. Plus. some tools like Anvi Ad Blocker would do a good job to help you filter most malicious/phishing websites and pop up ads. Anvi Ad Blocker download: See more details on Easy Ads-free Surfing with Anvi Ad Blocker.

2. Take extra caution when you are required to download some browser updates, or adobe flash players. These are very likely to lead you to malicious downloads.

3. Pay attention when clicking a superlink or opening an email from unknown people and express company. It is too careful to open an attachment contained in a spam email or peer-to-peer shared files from the Internet.

4. Regularly clean up system files to maintain a healthy system. And also clean browser data including browser history and browser cookies on regular basis to better protect your online privacy.

5. Keep your system and installed programs up to date.

6. At any rate, the best way to protect computer from infections would be always security tools including firewall, antivirus, antimalware like Anvi Smart Defender.



Other Toolbars or PUPs by Conduit reported to cause conduit search hijacking and redirects:


Search Protect by Conduit, Whitesmoke Toolbar, Yontoo, Delta Search, Mixi.DJ,  NvSTECH toolbaruTorrentControl ToolbarHot MP3 toolbarIsoBuster toolbarBitlord ToolbarProdutools ToolbarShare Buddy toolbarPowerGamesBar ToolbarOMG Music toolbarSuperFast PC toolbar, Freemium 2 Toolbar,  Mywebsearch toolbar, Value Apps, Conduit ToolbarSystweak toolbar, Connect ToolbarCricbuzz toolbarDownload Energy toolbarVAF music ToolbarMini001 ToolbarSearchFlyBar2 ToolbarSearchMe toolbarSweetPacks toolbarVisualBee toolbarMidicair ToolbarTOP10 toolbarAppbario18 toolbarFreecause ToolbarKeyBar ToolbarBrowserPlus2 toolbarOurWorld ToolbarvGrabber Toolbar,  iPumper ToolbarTravelocity community toolbarentrusted ToolbarSocial Search toolbarDivX Browser Bar toolbar,  Intern Helper ToolbarOople ToolbarWeLoveGames Toolbar, UpToDown Toolbar, PConverter B3 toolbar,Veoh Web Player Toolbar, etc.


Please note, to remove Fupa Games toolbar and homepage,  uninstall all related PUPs from computer will not repair the browser settings modified. So to fix all, you also need to repair the browser settings including removing browser add-on, homepage, search provider, and even deleting browser data to ensure all clean. Below is the detailed removal guide for all such things.




How to Get Rid of Fupa Games Toolbar and Homepage (Browser HIjacker Removal Guide)


Step 1. Remove hidden components using Antimalware

Step 2. Uninstall Fupa Games toolbar and related PUPs from computer

Step 3. Remove Fupa Games toolbar and from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Step 4. Remove tracking cookies, key leftovers and maintain system performance

Step 5. Block malicious websites and pop up ads using Anvi Ad Blocker



Step 1. Remove hidden components using Antimalware


To remove hidden components of this browser hijacker, it is necessary to use antimalware/antivirus scan and removal. Here we use the antimalware Anvi Smart Defender as an example for demonstration purpose. You can also take a try by following below steps:

1. Download and install Anvi Smart Defender

Free version Download:

(If you want more protection of Anvi Smart Defender to immune to future threats, you may upgrade it here. )

2. Close all programs and windows. Start the Anvi Smart Defender. Switch to the second tab-the scan tab and click on Full Scan button.

remove hidden components of welovegames using Anvi Smart Defender antimalware


3. Remove the malicious results scanned by Anvi Smart Defender antimalware.



Step 2. Uninstall Fupa Games Toolbar and related PUP from computer


Choose an option you prefer to uninstall:

Option 1. Automatic Uninstall–Uninstall Fupa Games toolbar and Related PUP using Anvi Uninstaller

Option 2. Manual Uninstall–Uninstall Fupa Games toolbar and Related PUP from Control Panel 


Tips: If you can not figure out which software is related to redirects, it is a good idea to remove all programs installed on the date that you firstly detect the presence of hijacking within your web browser.



Option 1. Automatic Uninstall


Anvi Uninstaller featured in Cloud System Booster contains a Recently Installed Tab can help you conveniently find the related PUP from recently installed program list to uninstall.

To use Anvi Uninstaller, you can follow below steps:

1. Download and install the Cloud System Booster.

Free version

2. Start it and click on Toolbox at the bottom of the main screen to access where you can locate Anvi Uninstaller to Download and Run. and then Locate the Recent Installed tab and then find the related programs to uninstall.

uninstall in cloud system booster


Note:  The related PUPs would be multiple. Ensure uninstall all PUPs related to the browser hijacker or PUP. Some reported to this Fupa Games toolbar and conduit search hijacking are:

24×7 Help, Search Pretect by Conduit, Internet Updater, PC Fix Speed, Wajam, Value Apps, Trend Genius, Websteroids, MyPC Backup, PC utilities Pro, SearchProtect, BrowserProtect, PriceGong, etc. 


uninstall fupa games toolbar from computer using Anvi Uninstaller

Confirm to remove the toolbar

confirmation to uninstall conduit toolbar


Then you will see below window

Anvi Uninstall

remove leftovers of Fupa games


Please note that here the process 3 is only available for Pro version users. This step can help you clean out those left files, mainly registry entries of the uninstalled PUP.

And if you want this, you can conveniently purchase the Cloud System Booster here:

Next Step>



Option 2. Manually uninstall Fupa Games Toolbar and Related PUP from Control Panel


Note: The related PUPs would be multiple. Ensure uninstall all PUPs related to the Conduit and Fupa Games.


For Win 8 users: Click Windows key  Start Menu > Control Panel ,  Find and click Fupa Games, Search Protect by Conduit and other dubious program related, click Uninstall.

For Windows 7/Vista: Click Start windows key > Control Panel Programs > Uninstall a program,  find and locate Fupa Games, Search Protect by Conduit and other dubious program related to right click the item, click Uninstall/Change. If there comes an confirmation, click Yes to proceed.

uninstall fupa games programs from control panel


For Windows xp:  Click Start Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, find and click Fupa Games, Search Protect by Conduit and other dubious programs related, and then right click the item to click Remove to proceed the uninstall.




Step 3. Remove homepage from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome


Choose an option your prefer below:

Option 1: Automatic Repair using Anvi Slim Toolbar

→ highly recommended for users using multiple web browsers

Option 2. Manual Repair


Option 1. Automatic Repair using Anvi Slim Toolbar


To remove search redirects from web browser, generally there are mainly three aspects in fixing browser settings in IE, Firefox and Chrome: remove add-on and related search engine, fix the homepage. Now to conveniently repair the browser settings, you can use this tool-Anvi Slim Toolbar.


a. Download and install

Anvi Slim Toolbar download: 

b. Close all opened web browsers. Then start the program and click Manage on its main screen.

c. Find and locate related/unwanted browser add-on and remove it from the appeared list.

remove fupa games toolbar browser add-on from IE-firefox-chrome using Anvi Slim Toolbar


e. Switch to the main screen and click Repair button to repair the homepage and search engine.


Slim toolbar browser repair delta search



After all done, reopen your web browser to check.

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Option 2. Manual Repair


For Google Chrome users

For Mozilla Firefox users

For Internet Explorer users


chromeGoogle Chrome


1. Remove extension

Open Google Chrome and click bars icon to navigate to toolbars and extensions, find related or unwanted extensions to locate and click on the Trash can icon to remove it.


remove Fupa games toolbar from chrome


2. Remove startup page 

Click Settings at the left menu, find On startup area and click set page

change startup page in chrome


Then locate it and click X to remove the startup page.

remove startup page from Chrome


3. Remove homepage

Then locate the Appearance area, click Change.
remove conduit page from chrome
Then remove the url from the text box. Click OK to save the change and exit.

remove search conduit homepage by eazel toolbar


4. Remove related search engine

Browser hijacker also changes your default search engine in chrome. Check it and choose your preferred search engine as default.

Find Search area, click manage search engines… button.

remove  search engine modified by conduit from Chrome

Then,  make your preferred search engine, like, as default and then remove any other suspiciously related search engine from chrome by locating it and clicking X as it shows.

remove conduit search engine from chrome

When finished, open Chrome to check if the issue is gone.

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Firefox  Mozilla Firefox


1. Remove add-on

Open Mozilla Firefox, click on Firefox button on the top left of the window to open a dropped menu where you need to select Add-ons to open the mange add-ons window.

Firefox add-ons1


On the opened window of manage add-ons, locate the Extensions tab to locate related add on and click Remove button to remove it.

remove fupa games add-on from firefox


Besides, you also need to check for the plugin tab on the add-on manage window, where you may also find other unwanted plugin and if any, make sure remove it as well.

disable conduit plugin in firefox


2. Reset homepage

Click Firefox button to select Options->Options from the dropped menu.
Firefox homepage reset 1


On the opened window, locate General tab and reset the homepage by either entering your desired homepage like or click on Restore to Default button. When finished, click OK to save the change and exit.
firefox homepage reset


3. Repair search engine

In the opened Firefox window, click the right place besides the search box as shown in below image to drag out a dropped menu from there to select Manage search engines…

remove fupa games search engine from firefox 1

Then there will comes out a windows as shown in below picture. Click on suspiciously related search engine...locate it and then click Remove to remove it. Or you can just click restore to default button to repair it. Click OK to save the change and exit the window.

remove fupa games search provider from firefox 2


4. Reconfigure Firefox

Open a new blank tab in your Firefox, and type about:config in the address bar to open a window as shown in below picture.


Firefox configuration


Click I’ll be careful, I promise! to continue.


Then,  on the appeared window, type Fupa Games and conduit respectively  in the search box to find any items with value containing the keywords of the PUP from list there and highlight the item, right click on it to select Reset, one by one.


reset firefox modifiedy by fupa games toolbar and conduit search hijacker


When finished, restart the Firefox to check. That’s it.

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IE Internet Explorer


1. Remove add-on 

Open Internet Explorer, click Settings icon to select Manage add-on

IE manage add-on


There will open a window of Manage add-ons, where you need to locate on Toolbars and Extensions tab, search through the list to find related add-on. Click the item to disable and remove.

remove fupa add-on from Ie


Note: Some PUP’s inserted add-on/plugin in IE can only be removed through control Panel, that is to say, if you uninstall it from the Control Panel, this add-on will automatically disappear in IE.


2. Remove Search provider

Still on the window of manage add-ons, switch to Search Providers tab, and then search for related or unwanted search provider to locate it and click on Remove button at the bottom to get rid of it. (Please note if the search provider to remove is set as default, firstly you need to set other search engine like bing or google as default and then proceed the removal. )


remove fupa search engine from IE default search provider


3. Reset homepage

Click on Settings icon and then select Internet Options. On the coming up window, locate → General tab → Home page area, you can either click on the Use Blank button or type your desired homepage like in the edit box. Then, click OK to save the change and exit. That’s it.

reset homepage in IE


Restart the Internet Explorer to check. That’s it.




Step 4. Remove tracking cookies, key leftovers and maintain system performance


Since this Conduit search hijacker can inject its tracking cookies or use other means to track your online search habit and access to all your browser data, it is necessary to remove the related browser data including its tracking cookies and browser history to prevent its survival. In this regard, Cloud System Booster would be helpful. Not only will it help you automatically clean the browser data, but also it will maintain your system performance in order to return a smooth uncluttered OS.


1. Download and install.

Cloud System Booster download:

2. Click Disk Cleaner button on the main screen and then on the left navigator, locate the web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome that you use, and then select item of removing cookies. It is recommended to select all web browsers that you have on your PC.

clean cookies in cloud system booster


2. Click Home button to back on home page and click Quick Care button and the system maintenance begins.

Cloud System Booster 3.1-toolbar manage

Cloud System Booster 3.1 system cleaning


Recommended for a slow PC→

 -Anvi Ultimate Defrag

If you want deep optimization, it is a good idea to defrag your hard disk using Anvi Ultimate Defrag:

This is a trial version of Anvi Ultimate Defrag download:



Step 5. Block malicious websites and pop up ads using Anvi Ad Blocker


To block malicious websites and pop up ads for safer surfing online, some tools like Anvi Ad Blocker would be a nice choice. It provides a huge online database to help you filter most malicious/phishing websites and annoying advertisements.

ad blocker


Anvi AD Blocker download:

Please note this is a trial version of Anvi Ad Blocker for 15 days free use. If you want it for longer time, you can conveniently buy it here.


Not only can this tool help you block those malicious, phishing websites and most advertisements to reduce risks of getting infected, but also it can assist you in filtering those unwanted URLs like this by adding the URL into its black list.

block unwanted websites using Anvi Ad Blocker


>> See more on Safer Surfing online with Anvi Ad Blocker


If any question in the process, leave it below.

  • Tessa

    For me, it was hiding under a program called SoftwareWatcher, so I’d check any seemingly safe sounding downloads you got to make sure it’s not piggybacking that.

    • Ivy_Anvisoft

      Thanks a lot for sharing. Your information may help other victim solve the problem easily.

    • jake

      That was it for me. I downloaded Audacity, and it came with “Software Watcher” and Search Protect. Get rid of Search Protect and you’re good!

  • Warren Bobrow

    this sucks.. my mac is infected with trovi… I hate you Trovi…

  • John

    I just got rid of it, be advised, it also “hides” under a name called “Search Protect” made by Client Connect LTD. This guide really helped, thanks!

  • Quill

    I found Search Protect and removed it. No more trovi now. Thank you.

  • Sandeep Henry

    Help. im using windows 8, and trovi has infected my chrome browser.. but it seems alright with my IE. i couldnt find any traces of this anywhere mentioned here.. certainly not there in my add and remove programs…

  • connor

    So I deleted it all of my computer and my browser is soooooo slow I can’t even go onto any link any help??

    • Ivy_Anvisoft

      Please run Anvi Smart Defender quick or full scan to eliminate the left malicious files.

  • Sam

    Thanks a lot. Mine was hidden under Search Protect too.

  • ravi

    check left bottom corner..say restore …clcik that and you will get rid

  • Maria

    Thank you so much! It wasn’t too hard to get rid of (along with it’s other installed items), but it proved to be a nasty little browser hijack. So, thank you again!

  • rhrekes

    Thanks so much! Watch out cause I got it from a free download for car simulator 2011!

  • Ivy_Anvisoft


    If you can not find the trovi add-on in Internet Explorer, please ignore the tips and manually to repair your web browser.

    By the way, please also check carefully if there is any program named conduit, search protect, browser defender, software watcher etc.. in your control panel. If you find any, please make sure to uninstall them all.

  • Brittany

    Thanks so much ! That fixed my issue

  • Keenan Barnes

    I searched my entire add or remove programs and there is nothing that I don’t recognise or has that logo but trovi still shows up. However I found that logo in that bottom right section of my toolbar but i can’t click on it

  • yc

    thanks, removed this and everything is back to normal. Thank you so much ! :)