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Remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar and Delta Search Redirects (Removal Guide)

This article articulates the true story about Mixi.DJ Toolbar and Delta Search redirect issues and details on how to remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar and Delta Search redirects from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

How to remove unwanted toolbar that installed itself and has taken over my internet.i run windows 7 seems to be an adware hijacker,i cant find it in my programs or files and i think it has changed my proxy settings!plz help!!!I have tried malwarebytes and it found 2 trojan.DomalQ and 2 trojan.Dropper but still exist.plz help

For months, many users have been searching around to find how to uninstall Mixi DJ toolbar and remove delta search redirects or Mixi DJ search hijacking from their web browser. Then in this article, you will find the true story about the Mixi.DJ Toolbar and Delta Search redirects/adware hijacking and you can follow the detailed step by step instructions to remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar and delta search redirects from your default web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.




Mixidj is a program, owned by Conduit Co, LTD, that seems to upgrade its users’ experiences in creating YouTube video play-lists and sharing them using social networks like the Facebook, Twitter, etc. Below is a screenshot of MixiDJ Toolbar install onto the web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. (In Safari and Opera there were not installed MixiDJ Toolbar and other related PUPs in our cases.)

 MixiDJ Toolbar


This MixiDJ itself is not a virus or malware but it does install potentially unwanted programs like Value Apps adware, in form of browser add-on/extension, on one’s computer called MixiDJ Toolbar and modifies the default homepage and new tab page of your default web browser. Additionally, this also causes browser redirects by modifying the default search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo to, or and this also brings up random ads banner and pop up ads due to some PUPs installation. Please note that the Delta Search redirect is applied to monetize the incoming traffic and this site doesn’t give any benefits comparing to original search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, but causes web browsers slowdowns, unwanted ads and redirect issues.


Propagation of MixiDJ Toolbar and Delta Search Redirect


Often the Mixi.DJ toolbar install and Delta Search redirects come together as a typical consequence of reckless freeware installation. Internet users should beware that many freeware developers and freeware download websites are using a delusive way called bundling to distribute software.


Tips to Avoid PUP or Unwanted Toolbars Installation


Thus in order to avoid PUP or unwanted toolbars installation like Mixi.DJ Toolbar and search install, you should pay close attention when downloading freeware from the Internet and always select “Custom Installation” option instead of typical installation and disallow installation of additional software or browser add-ons that may show as very easy to neglect. The inattentive install of freeware is very likely to result in redirects and security issues.


Symptoms of Mixi.DJ Toolbar and Delta Search Installation


The Mixi.DJ software installs to have an impact on your default web browser among IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. Here in my case, my default web browser is set as Google Chrome and in other web browsers like IE and Firefox, the symptoms are very similar. Once the MixiDJ software installed, you will see Mixi.Dj Toolbar is attached onto Google Chrome and the homepage is modified as and there you will see random ads banner as shown in below picture when you open the Chrome. MixiDJ Toolbar and Delta Search in Google Chrome

 delta search toolbar


When MixiDJ Toolbar installed, there also comes a recommended install of Registry Mechanic by Conduit, Co, LTD.

pop up install from mixidj toolbar



If you choose to install, and the Registry Mechanic will come out to automatically scan you computer system and several seconds later release such a report of the scanned results which if you want to repair, you have to buy its program. And this is totally a hook because I’ve just used both of my installed legitimate pc optimizers Cloud System Booster and Ccleaner scan with no items leaved to clean while this tool seems to want me to pay for the cleaning.

 registry mechanic purchase hook


And once the MixiDJ Toolbar installs, it will pop up a box as shown in below picture, which says:

delta search mixidj toolbar

Thank you for installing the Official Mixi.DJ Community Toolbar You have installed the Toolbar including Value Apps for Chrome and Search Protect by Conduit. You will also receive infor from the Toolbar and apps (can be disabled later.)   What to add these personalized buttons for your toolbar?….. ……

Apparently, the install of Mixi.DJ Toolbar comes along with many other potentially apps like Value Apps (which is defined as adware). In our case, the browsing speed did become slower and slower to a large extent.  You may also notice that there is random ads banner seen at the bottom of the delta search window. If you click finish, then you will see a new page addressed as as shown in below image, where you will see Mixi.DJ Toolbar and a recommendation of Regclean as well as an ads banner sdisplaying random ads content.



Sometimes you may also be redirected to when your browser is hijacked by Mixidj Search.

conduit search hijacking

Besides that you see the homepage as delta search after the Mixi.DJ install, along with kinds of ads banners or pop up ads every time you open your default web browser like Google Chrome, you will still see that the MixiDJ search when you open the new tab page, seeing only MixiDJ Search page and Mixi.DJ Toolbar, with the bookmark column gone if any.

mixidj toolbar new tab


To sum up, the Mixi.DJ installation will results browser homepage hijacking, new tab hijacking, search redirects and Mixi.DJ toolbars install besides the slowdown browsing. If you are just unwilling to install such and one of those users who think it unwanted, follow below step by step instructions to remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar and Delta Search redirects from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.



How to Get Rid of Mixi.DJ Toolbar and Delta Search (Removal Guide)


Step 1. Uninstall MixiDJ, Delta Search and related PUP from Control Panel


1. Click Start button and navigate to Control Panel, click on Programs (Uninstall a Program) 2. On the opened window, search through to find Delta Search, Mixidj, or other PUP to uninstall. If find any, highlight it and right click to select Uninstall/Remove

Delta Search in Control Panel

In my case, only Delta toolbar and Delta Chrome Toolbar are found, and the Mixidj is not found just as many other users do. Note: generally there would be BrowserProtect, MixiDJ Toolbar and MixiDJ Chrome Toolbar, SearchProtect by Conduit, too. So if any of these found in the Uninstall list, also uninstall them one by one. Besides, you’d better also uninstall your recently install freeware, especially programs by conduit Co., Ltd, that bundles with MixiDJ and Delta Search.

Uninstall Troubleshoot (MixiDJ Toolbar and Delta Search)


If nothing found in the Control Panel, try to search them among system files in C:\programs(x86)  or C:\programs to remove and also remove the appdata of Delta Search and Mixi.Dj in C:\users\username\appdata\roaming, as well as programdata of MixiDJ, Delta Search and Search Protect in C:\programdata\

Delta removal in disk C


Remove appdata of Delta and any other related.

temp files of delta removal in Disk C


Please note in my case, only Delta file folder and Searchprotect File Folder is found in the Disk C:, I remove it separately from C:\programs(x86), C:\users\username\appdata\roaming and C:\programdata\. I’ve got the MixiDJ toolbar and delta Search redirects issues fixed, indeed. For any difficulties in uninstalling recently installed freeware that bundles with MixiDJ Toolbar and Delta Search, you can bet on the Anvi Uninstaller, free available in Toolbox of Cloud System Booster, which will list your recently installed programs in case of any freeware or apps that are installed without your knowledge. To freely use it, you can first safely download Cloud System Booster by clicking below download button:

Cloud System Booster Safe Download (5.5MB)

cnet download


After the download, install it and start it to click Expert on its main screen. Then under the Toolbox tab, click on Run button of Anvi Uninstaller.


Under the Recently Installed tab, search for any potentially unwanted programs that are suspiciously related to MixiDJ or Delta. If any, click it to highlight and then click on Uninstall button at the bottom. Before the uninstall, there will be a window opened to first create a system restore point (you can just skip it) and the Uninstall will start.

Anvi Uninstaller recently installed

Just as shown in above image, I’ve got PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11.1 (which I’d installed for test) and Search Protect by Conduit. Both are not shown in my Control Panel.


Step 2. Remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar and Delta Search redirect from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome


For Internet Explorer users:


Mixi.DJ toolbar and Delta Search will insert its add-ons including Delta Toolbar and Delta Help Object to your Internet Explorer, and silently modify your homepage and new tab to or or Also it will add its search engine- as the default search engine. Therefore, you need to repair them one by one.


1. Remove mixi.DJ toolbar and Delta Search add-ons

Open your Internet Explorer and click the settings icon and then select manage add-ons from the dropped menu.

IE manage add-on


On the opened window of manage add-ons, locate the Toolbars and Extensions tab, find Delta Toolbar and delta Helper Object or any others potentially related to delta search, mixiDJ and conduit to disable them one by one.

Delta toolbar in IE

Please note, you may find that you can just disable these unwanted add-ons but cannot remove them manually in IE, so here you can use the Anvi Slim Toolbar to remove both.

Anvi Slim Toolbar safe download (9.44MB)

cnet download

Instructions: 1. Download and install. 2. Start it and click Manage button on its main screen and then under the Internet Explorer part, select both Delta Toolbar and delta helper object and then click on Remove button to get rid of them complete.

remove Delta Toolbar in IE


BTW: This Anvi Slim Toolbar can also detect installed plug-ins/add-ons/extensions on Firefox and Chrome while it meanwhile provides real-time protection against silent toolbars installation to IE, Chrome and Firefox. You can just take a try to explore more functions of it. Please note this version is trial and it will expire in 15 days. After that, you have to pay $29.98 for its usage. However, you can definitely use it freely to remove Delta Toolbar and delta helper object or other malicious toolbars now sticky to your Internet Explorer.


2. Remove Delta Search engine
Still on the window of manage add-ons, switch to Search Providers tab, and then select Delta Search and click on Remove button at the bottom to get rid of it. (Please note if the delta search is set as default, firstly you need to set other search engine like bing or google as default and then proceed to remove the delta search. )

search engine removal in IE

3. Get rid of from the homepage

Click on Settings icon and then select Internet Options. Then there will come out a window of Internet Options, under the General tab, locate on Home page area, to repair the homepage, you can either click on the Use Blank button or type your desired homepage like in the edit box. Then, click OK to save the change and exit. That’s it.

repair homepage in IE



For Mozilla Firefox users


1. Remove Add-ons

Open Mozilla Firefox and click on Firefox button on the top left. Click Add-ons from the dropped menu.

Firefox add-ons1

There will open a window of Firefox add-ons, where you need to locate on Extensions and Plugins tabs, check out there for any potentially left extensions or plugins related to Delta, BrowserProtect, SearchProtect, Conduit, mixi.DJ, etc to remove one by one.

Please note it is normal that no plugins or extensions related found to remove since we’ve uninstalled the PUPs and Toolbars from the computer system previously.

2. Reset homepage

Click Firefox button to select Options->Options from the dropped menu.

Firefox homepage reset 1

Then there will open a window of Options as shown below, from where you need to locate General tab and reset the homepage by either entering your desired homepage like or click on Restore to Default button. When finished, click OK to save the change and exit.

Firefox homepage repair

3. Repair search engine

In the opened Firefox window,find the search box and click the right place as shown in below image to drag out a dropped menu from there to select Manage search engines…

Firefox search engine repair 1

Then there will comes out a windows as shown in below picture. Click on Delta Search and then click Remove to remove it. Click OK to save the change and exit the window.

Delta search engine removal in firefox

4. Configure Firefox

Open a new blank tab in your Firefox, and type about:config in the address bar to open a window as shown in below picture.

Firefox configuration

Click I’ll be careful, I promise! to continue.

Then,  you will see a similar window shown as below image (This image is from the test machine which is Windows XP and the previous images is from my work station, Windows 7, and so you just see some difference here, but the steps are the same.)

Firefox configure 2

Find any items with value containing from list there and highlight the item, right click on it to seletc Reset, one by one.

That’s it.


For Google Chrome users

1. Remove extension

Open Google Chrome and click on the wrench or bars icon to select Tools>extensions from the dropped menu.

Chrome extension removal 1

There will open the a window, where you need to find the Mixi.DJ related or Delta related extensions and click the Trash can to remove it. If confirmation of the removal needed, just click OK to proceed the removal.

Chrome extension removal 2 mixi dj

2. Reset homepage

On the opened window, switch to Settings as shown in below image and then under the On startup area, click Set pages

Chrome homepage reset

There will open a page as shown below. Locate the Delta Search and click X to remove it. Click OK to save the change and exit.

delta search homepage removal in chrome

3. Remove Search Engine 

Still on the Chrome settings window, find the search area and click on manage search engine button.

Search Engine in Google Chrome

Then you will open a window like below picture. Firstly you need to select another search engine like as default in order to remove other unwanted search engines like Conduit and Delta Search.

Remove Delta Search engine in Chrome

After set Google as the default search engine, click Conduit and Delta Search and then click X to remove them one by one.

remove chrome search engine delta search

Then click Done at the bottom to save the change and exit. That’s about it in Google Chrome.


Step 3. Disable Delta Search or Mixidj startup from Windows system

The mixidj and delta search also create startup from Windows system and this is why many users still see Delta search hijacker and redirects in their web browser when they restart their computer even if they’ve done all the uninstall and browser repair.

To disable Delta Search or Mixidj startup, click on Windows Start button and type msconfig.exe in the appearing search box to find msconfig.exe and click it to run.


In the opened window, locate Startup tab and find any mixidj or delta search related startup items like Search Protect here shown in below picture. Select them and click Disable all. Click Apply to apply the change and click OK to exit. Here you may be asked to restart and check about that and you can either choose to restart now and restart later.

startup search protect disable

That’s it.


Step 4. Use Cloud System Booster to clean any left residual files of Mixi.DJ Toolbar and Delta Search to recover a well-performed system and web browser (Highly Recommended)


In case of any residual files left in system to adversely affect the system performance or web browsing experiences, you are highly recommended to use the system cleaner Cloud System Booster which will scan out any junk files, registry errors, junk files of applications and system services that need to be optimized for a more stable and better performing computer system. You can just download it by clicking the above provided download button or click the download link: After the download, install it and start it o boost your computer performance by cleaning junk files, optimizing system services and repair some errors.

Cloud System Booster

  You can also keep this tool to maintain your system performance on daily basis. There are a free version for basic use as well as a paid version for extended use. Feel free to enjoy your clean computer running.


PC Security Tips:


Basically everyone is supposed to be very careful when surfing online and stay far away from those malicious websites, websites compromised by trojans, phishing sites as well as somewhere full of various ads which are often used to distribute adware or even malware. It is highly recommended you all to turn on security features of your web browsers for basic protection( see detailed instructions to turn on security features of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.)

Furthermore, you can bet on an enhanced suite of security software including trusted antivirus+anti-malware+firewall, generally.

Among some other nimble tools regarding ads blocker, Anvi Ad Blocker is recommended here to help block ads and malicious websites in real time. For more about usage about this Anvi Ad Blocke( Safe download link:, you may refer to this article: Easy Ads-free Surfing Using Anvi Ad Blocker


A screenshot of Anvi AD Blocker

Please note that Anvi AD Blocker offers you only free trial use for 15 days. You can buy it now (price: $ 9.98 for 1year/PC) or you can use it for free in the antimalware Anvi Smart Defender professional version( price: $24.98 1year/PC) by upgrading the installed Anvi Smart Defender to pro version now.


For any question, feel free to email us below for timely help.