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Remove Optimizer Pro Speed Guard Virus (Rogueware Removal Guide)

Optimizer Pro Speed Guard makes its presence on your computer and reports that your computer is under bad condition and thus you need to buy its pro version to remove these issues? Don’t be tricked by this rogueware, read more in this article to get rid of this infection.


What is Optimizer Pro Speed Guard Virus? 


Optimizer Pro Speed Guard is another rogueware by cyber crooks for online scams. Some users may fall into its trap and pay $99.9 to remove the threats it detected but just end up with constant remind of infection by the true security tool like MSE, and being unable to uninstall the Optimizer Pro Speed Guard.

The image of Optimizer Pro Speed Guard rogueware

Optimizer Pro Speed Guard rogueware

The fake warning from Optimizer Pro Speed Guard:

fake warning from Optimizer Pro Speed Guard virus


Like other rogueware, Optimizer Pro Speed Guard invades weak system to install and display fake scan reports, tricking users into thinking that their computer is in dangerous condition and thus they need to buy its program to remove these issues. In order not to be detected and removed, this infection has an ability to disable your programs, security tools and Windows Process Manager in particular, from normal using. However, if you are tricked to buy its program and registered, many true antivirus like MSE would report this infection. However, this infection is somehow hard to remove.

And of course, if you are tricked to pay for this program, you would also not get the refund. Under any circumstance, remove this rogueware infection upon sight.


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How to Remove Optimizer Pro Speed Guard Virus (Rogueware Removal Guide) 


Step 1. Boot the infected computer into safe mode with networking.

Step 2. Use your antivirus or antimalware to scan and remove the threat

Step 3. Restart the computer to normal. 

Step 4. Remove leftovers and maintain system performance


Step 1. Boot the infected computer into safe mode with networking


Boot the infected computer. During the start, repeatedly press F8 key on the keyboard till this brings up the Advanced Windows Options Menu shown like below. Then use the arrow key to select the Safe Mode with Networking option. Click Enter. View more details on how to boot Windows to Safe Mode.


Safe Mode with Command Prompt


Note: see to access to your system user account with administer rights.


Step 2. Scan and remove threats using Antivirus or Antimalware


Use your trusted antivirus or antimalware to perform a full scan and then remove the detected infections. If nothing found, try the antimalware Anvi Smart Defender. And here we also use it for demonstration purpose.

Anvi Smart Defender antimalware download:

Please note, if you have any trouble to download the Anvi Smart Defender or just normally surf online, you can just check your networking settings including proxy settings, LAN settings and hosts files. See detailed instructions on how to return normal networking after virus infection in this article.

Instructions: 1. Download and install. 2. Start it and click the second tab to switch to the scan interface and then click the Full Scan button on the middle. 3. Remove the detected infections.

ASD-full scan


Step 3. Restart computer to normal.


After the removal, restart the computer to normal mode and then check whether the infection is gone. For any question related, leave your question below to let us know.


Step 4. Remove leftovers and maintain system performance

After virus removal, necessarily use a system cleaner to remove leftovers and maintain the system in order to return a smooth running system.

As for this, you can take advantages of some system cleaner programs like Cloud System Booster. (download:

Instructions: 1. Download and install. 2. Start it and click Quick Care button on the main screen to do a full cleaning. 3. Remove the detected junks to maintain the system.

CSB quick care



If your PC or laptop is still slow, then it may be a good idea to defrag your hard disks using Anvi Ultimate Defrag. (Download:



Distribution & Prevent


Rogueware like Optimizer Pro Speed Guard are spread in a variety of ways to reach your computer system. Mostly likely, it is distributed via malicious websites that trick you to download some plugins or click some link thus to deliver the malicious files into your system. Also this infection can be spread by payloads, or spam emails or shared files. Be aware.

To prevent rogueware infections like Optimizer Pro Speed Guard virus, you can take below measures into practice:

1. Use caution when surfing online. Basically, you are suppose to turn on the security features of your web browsers. See detailed instructions to turn on security feature of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

2. Use caution when you are asked to download something from the Internet. Make sure the program you download is virus-free and with no bundling PUP (potentially unwanted program).

3. At any rate, the best way to protect computer from various threats online is still security tool. Make sure you have enough protection although neither an antivirus nor antimalware could provide 100% protection. If your installed security tool not detect this virus, try installing another antimalware like Anvi Smart Defender to enhance the protection.

4. Besides, you could also make full use of some nimble tools like Anvi Ad Blocker which can block most malicious websites, phishing sites, popup ads, in order to make your online surfing safer from various virus infections.

Anvi Ad Blocker download: