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Remove Security Cleaner Pro Virus (Rogueware Removal Guide)

Security Cleaner Pro presents active on your system and shows various threats to handle? IE search warning constantly shows up? Read more in this post to figure out the fake antivirus Security Cleaner Pro and follow the removal guide to get rid of it completely.


Security Cleaner Pro is a computer virus, fakeAV, categorized as rogueware. Similar to previous rogueware Security Antivirus Pro, this Security Cleaner Pro installs itself as usual with a shortcut on the desktop and active in the system tray. Once installed, this rogueware will configure itself to launches automatically and scan the system when the machine starts. Then it presents a list of threats scanned (obviously fake) and warns that the system is in dangerous condition. If you want to use it to clean these threats, then it will ask you to pay for the program. For the sake of security, never trust any warning from Security Cleaner Pro and you should just follow below removal guide to get rid of it upon sight.


The screenshot of Security Cleaner Pro Fake Antivirus Security Cleaner Pro


To protect itself from being removed, Security Cleaner Pro will also terminate any application you try to run on your computer by forbiddening processes except named iexplorer.exe. It does this in order to protect itself from being removed by legitimate security program and to scare you into thinking that your programs are infected. When this infection terminates a program it will display a message similar to the following:

Security Cleaner Pro (Unregistered) Infected process ‘cmd.exe’ trying to infect your files.

During operating, this virus will constantly display security alerts and warnings that are designed to trick you into believing that the system is infected. One trick is to display a fake Windows Security Center pop up (shown in below picture) that warns you to activate the AV, however the entire dialog is an image and clicking anywhere just brings the Fake AV to the front.

Security Cleaner Pro fake warning


Another trick is a security alert that hijacks your web browser, only IE. This warning will state that the website you are visiting is unsafe and you should purchase Security Cleaner Pro to protect yourself. Be aware.

Security Cleaner Pro fake hijacker in IE

Warning message from your Internet browser. This page is under virus attack. This may crash your system. This may be caused by:

  • • Virus content founded at this site is trying to install its components.
  • • Malicious & unknown network processes are determined.
  • • Your system is under virus attack.
  • • Negative references from other citizens concerning this web page.
  • • Your system ports and backdoors have been checked by visited page for external access.


Obtain a license for “Security Cleaner Pro” to protect your PC for the safest browsing Internet pages (desirable)

Regardless of its crafted interfaces and tricky warnings, just ignore anything from the Security Cleaner Pro and use below removal guide to get rid of it instantly if you come across it on your system.


How to Remove Security Cleaner Pro Virus (Rogueware Removal Guide)


Step 1. Register the Fake Antivirus (or Boot into Safe Mode)

Step 2. Uninstall the Program from Control Panel

Step 3. Use Antimawlare to Scan and Remove

Step 4. Maintain the system and prevent


Step 1. Register the Fake Antivirus (or Boot into Safe Mode)


To enable normal running of legitimate antimalware, you can either register the Security Cleaner Pro using below key:




Optionally, you can also boot the infected computer into safe mode with networking for troubleshooting.

Instructions: restart your computer and during the start, repeatedly hit the F8 tab till this brings up the Advanced Windows Options Menu where you can use the arrow keys to select the Safe Mode with Networking and then hit Enter to get in.  For more detailed instructions to boot Windows XP/Vista/7/8 into safe mode, see this article: How to Boot Windows into Safe Mode


Step 2. Uninstall Security Cleaner Pro from Control Panel


From time to time, you can just uninstall the main program of Security Cleaner Pro from the Control Panel after the registration. So you’d better check your control panel if you successfully register the Security Cleaner Pro.

Instructions: Click Windows StartControl Panel→ Uninstall a Program→ and then search through for the Security Cleaner Pro→  Once find, locate it and right click to navigate to Uninstall it.

Please note: this will not completely remove the infection from the system and you still need to use antimalware tool to scan out the hidden malicious parts of the infection and get them removed completely. However, if the Security Cleaner Pro is not shown on your control panel, that’s OK and you can skip this and move to step 3 using the tool to handle that.


Step 3. Scan the Malware using Antimalware-Anvi Smart Defender (recommended)


Antimalware Anti Smart Defender Download link: (safe and clean)


Instructions: 1. Download and install. 2. Perform a full Scan. 3. Remove the detected threats of Security Cleaner Pro infection.

If the download fail due to the internet connection trouble caused by the rogueware infection, you can troubleshoot this using the information here:

How to Restore normal Internet Access after the Infection


You can either use your trusted antimalware tool to do this job. However, since your installed antimalware failed to stop its infiltration, we strongly recommend you make full use of another try. Good luck.


Step 4. Maintain the system and prevent


After the infection removal, it is a good idea to maintain the system using a tool like Cloud System Booster in order to return a well-performing system.

Cloud System Booster download link:

cloud system booster system cleaning


BTW: if you want a deep optimization, you can take advantage of the Anvi Ultimate Defrag to defrag your hard disk.

Anvi Ultimate Defrag download link:


Prevent Tips


To prevent such kind of rogueware infections like Security Cleaner Pro,you can take below precaution:

1. Ensure your system and installed applications update to latest patches.

2. Use caution when surfing online. We highly recommend you to make sure turn on the security features of the Internet browsers. See detailed instructions to turn on security features of IE, Firefox and Chrome.

3. Use caution when either clicking a link to a suspicious website or opening an attachment in a spam email.

4. The best way for malware prevention is always the security suite including antivirus, antimalware and firewall. If Anvi Smart Defender we recommend here works for you, why not let it stay and defend your system against such kind of rogueware?

5. It is always necessary to keep your system clean and well arranged using some tools, in order to get well-performing system and remove risky potentials.

6. To prevent some malicious/phishing websites and risky ads that are one of the most used ways to spread malware, you can take advantage of the Anv Ad Blocker, which can automatically block most malicious websites and risky ads for you to largely reduce the risks of getting infected.

Anvi Ad Blocker download link:

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View more info about Anvi Ad Blocker here: Surfing Safer Online with Anvi Ad Blocker

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