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Remove System Antivirus Virus (Rogueware Removal Guide)

Antivirus System constantly pop up its security alerts and scanning results, and  many applications like Chrome, Firefox and your installed security programs can not function normal? This article is mainly about step by step removal instructions to remove Antivirus System rogueware, a piece of malware.

Table of content:

  • I. What is Antivirus System Virus?
  • II. Propagation of Antivirus System Virus Infections
  • III. Prevent Tips
  • IV. Symptoms of Antivirus System Virus Infection
  • V. How to Remove Antivirus System Virus (Rogueware Removal Guide)
  • VI. System Optimization after Virus Removal


 I. What is Antivirus System Virus


Antivirus System is a fake antivirus, categorized as a rogueware, like System Care Antivirus or Disk Antivirus Professional, which infects Windows system to fake the scan and trick victims into purchasing their programs.


Once infiltrates, the Antivirus System rogueware will automatically scan your computer and display false scan results, fake security alerts, and also do not allow you to your installed security programs to remove it or use your web browser like Chrome and Firefox to learn the truth behind it.  All serve the purpose of scaring you to purchase its useless program.


Screenshots of Antivirus System Infection

 Antivirus System 1


Fake alerts of Antivirus:

 Antivirus System alert 2


Antivirus System Firewall Alert
Chrome.exe is infected with not a virus:Adware.Win32.WhiteSmoke.a. Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords.

 Antivirus System fake alert 4


Security Alert
Vulnerabilities Found
Background scan for security breaches has been finished. Serious problems have been detected. Safeguard your system against exploits, malware and viruses right now by activating Proactive Defence.
Upgrade to full version of Antivirus System software package now! Clean your system and ward off new attacks against your system integrity and sensitive data. FREE daily updates and online protection from web-based intrusions are already in the bundle.

Antivirus System fake alert 3

Security Alert
Unknown program is scanning your system registry right now! Identity theft detected!
Threat: Trojan.Clicker.JS.Agent.op


Just like such alerts and fake scan interfaces, there may display different results but all are fake and fraud for rogueware tricks to ask you to purchase their program. If any of these alerts or screens, ignore them and move to below removal guide to get rid of this nasty Antivirus System virus infection.


 II. Propagation of Antivirus System Virus Infection


The Antivirus System virus is prompted via Trojans that pretend to be programs necessary to view online videos. Also this rogueware can also infiltrate when you are visiting websites that have been hacked with exploit kits, which attempt to make use of vulnerabilities found on your computer that open backdoor for programs to install without your permission or even knowledge.

 III. Prevent Tips


To prevent Antivirus System virus infection, you need to take appropriate precaution when surfing online. The best way to protect your computer from such malware infections is still some security program like antivirus, firewall, and antimalware like Anvi Smart Defender.


By the way, on the web which is flooded with multiple threats, you need some nimble tool like Anvi AD Blocker which provides ads blocking or malicious websites, phishing block solutions.  Now it is also integrated in Anvi Smart Defender antimalware’s toolbox as an enhanced suite for your better security online.


Check by downloading for try or learning more:

Anvi Smart Defender antimalware download link:

Anvi AD Blocker download link:

Learn more in this article: Ads-free Surfing online with Anvi Ad Blocker


 IV. Symptoms of Antivirus System Virus Infection

  • Ö   Configured to start every time you try to start another application on the computer
  • Ö   Automatically scan your computer and report you of numerous files, including legitimate files, on your computer are infections
  • Ö  After the scan, it will constantly prompt you to remove the false scan results by purchasing its program
  • Ö   To launch before any application you start and prevent being removed, it will block applications from running by hijacking the .EXE extension in your Windows Registry.
  • Ö   Slows down the infected operation system considerably or even makes it crash from time to time by arousing numerous the same processes at the same time.
  • Ö  You can not use your installed antivirus or antimalware to remove it unless you have its license key activated or booting your computer system into safe mode.


V. How to Remove Antivirus System Virus (Rogueware Removal Guide)


To remove Antivirus System rogueware infection, if you can not use any of your installed antivirus to remove it or it just fail to block it from infiltrating, then you are highly recommended to use here provided antimalware Anvi Smart Defender for removal and protection.


Antivirus System rogueware removal tool (Recommended): Anvi Smart Defender


Removal Guide outlined:

  1. Registry the Antivirus System/ Boot the Computer to Safe Mode
  2.  Detect and Removal using Security program like Anvi Smart Defender
  3.  Restart the computer.
  4. System optimization after virus removal (Recommended)



Step 1. Registry The Antivirus System/ Boot the computer to Safe Mode


To facilitate the removal, you can use below license code provided by IT enthusiast to activate the Antivirus System and enable running the antimalware. Also you can choose to boot your computer to safe mode to troubleshoot with antimalware scan.


License key of Antivirus System rogueware:



Click Activate on either the main screen of Antivirus System or its fake alert, then there will open a window shown as below, where you can enter the above license code in the right place and click activate to finish.

Please note, the Antivirus System is a rogueware for scam tricks and this license code provided here is legitimate.

 antivirus system enter license code rogue

If you choose to boot your computer to safe mode, then you can restart your computer and repeatedly pressing F8 until this brings up the Advanced Windows Options menu shown as below picture, where you can use the arrow key to highlight Safe Mode with Networking option and hit Enter to get into Safe mode running for troubleshooting. For more detailed instructions, visit: how to boot Windows to Safe Mode.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt


Step 2. Detect and remove Antivirus System


After the activation and booting to safe mode with networking, you can use either your installed trusted antivirus/antimalware or here provided Anvi Smart Defender to remove the Antivirus system. Below we will use the Anvi Smart Defender for demonstration purpose.


Anvi Smart Defender download link:


Instructions: 1. Download and install. 2. Start the program by clicking its desktop icon. 3. Perform a full scan. 4. Remove its scanning results.

Due to this Antivirus System rogueware may also access your network port and do some modifies, so if you fail to download the Anvi Smart Defender antimalware, please visit this article to troubleshoot:  How to Recover Normal Networking after virus infection.


After the download, click its icon to install.


Once installed, start it and perform a full scan by click its Scan tab on the main screen and clicking Full Scan button.

The scan may last for a while depending on the number of files on your computer.

After the scan, click Remove to remove the threat detected.

ASD  scan system antivirus rogueware

On this window, you can click the number of the threats found to view details as      shown in below image:

system antivirus scan results by Anvi Smart Defender


Now you can keep this antimalware on your computer for further protection from malware infections like this Antivirus System.


Step 3.  Restart the computer

Now you need to restart your computer to check it out.


Step 4. System Optimization after virus removal (Recommended)


System maintenance or system optimization is necessary, especially after virus removal since many infections may drop a lot of junk files into your computer to drag the OS performance. To do this, you may need a useful practical system cleaner or optimizer like Cloud System Booster. Learn for more below.

cloud system booster_meitu_7


 VI. System Optimization


System optimization is necessary for a smoothing running OS. Basically, you need a system cleaner like Cloud System Booster to main the system on daily basis.

Cloud System Booster download link:


Also if you want more, then deep optimization hard disk defragmentation may be great choice as well.  Some defrager like Anvi Ultimate Defrag can offer you all round disk defrag solutions to repair bad disk sector and defrag fragments and optimize.

Anvi Ultimate Defrag download link: