Anvi Slim Toolbar
Dotfab Anvi Slim Toolbar
Anvi Ultimate Defrag

Easy to use and light to install

Practical to troubleshoot browser issues caused by plug-ins

Real-timely protect browser from suspicious plug-ins install

Convenient to repair IE, Firefox and Chrome browser settings

Database autimatically updated

Support for Windows XP/Vista/7 & Windows 8
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Anvi Slim Toolbar Slim Your Browsers
Toolbar Slimmer
Anvi Slim Toolbar is a toolbar manager that enables you to scan out installed plug-ins and remove any toolbars unwanted, as well as to manage installed toolbars/plugins/add-ons/extensions and necessarily repair browser settings like homepage and search engine, with convenience and efficiency in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
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Anvi Slim Toolbar Makes Your Browsing Easier
Many PUP including adware or bundled toolbars come to disturb your browsing in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome by hijacking your homepage, redirecting your search results, replacing your search engine, and even adding its add-on to pop up ads. Anvi Slim Toolbar is designed to handle such so as to cater to the needs of those users who have been complaining such troublesome hijacking and redirecting issues.
Anvi Slim Toolbar is a detector and remover of malicious toolbars as it is attached with an online cloud database and also a toolbar manager for you conveniently remove any unwanted add-on, plugins installed, as well as a browser repair tool for necessary browser settings repair in aspects like homepage, search engine.
This tool also offers real-time protection in terms of any plug-ins attempting to install when you are visiting webpages.
Homepage hijacked? Pop up ads constantly appear? Search redirected always?
Use it to troubleshoot now
Please note Anvi Slim Toolbar can only temporarily handle issues in IE, Firefox and Chrome.
Features and Benefits of Anvi Slim Toolbar
Browser Slimmer
Detect malicious toolbars to remove
With an online cloud database attached, Anvi Slim Toolbar can scan out installed malicious toolbars, plugins, extensions and some hidden components of PUPs on your computer system and so to facilitate the computer troubleshoot in terms of browsing issus and pop up ads issues, etc.
Manage installed toolbars
Anvi Slim Toolbar offers a full list of toolbars, extensions, add-ons and plug-ins that are installed onto Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome so that you can conveniently manage these toolbars by remoing any potentianlly malicious or unwanted toolbars, extensions, plug-ins in IE, Firefox and Google Chrome that make the browser unstable or degrade your browsing speed.
Repair browser settings
You can use this program to repair browser settings (in IE, Firefox and Chrome) like search engine and the home page which are modified due to PUP install and cause unwanted redirects and troublesome hijacking.
Real-time Guard
Anvi Slim Toolbar offers real-time protection in terms of any unwanted or suspicious plug-in trying to install when you are surfing online. This tool will prompt you notification of the plug-in install and you can choose either to remove the suspicious toolbar or just to continue its install.
Troubleshoot Restore
Since many potentially unwanted toolbar bundles vary a lot by name, the Anvi Slim Toolbar Restore enables you to conveniently troubleshoot any browser issues that may results from plug-in install.
24/7 online technical support
You can email us at any time with your convenience to avail timely help on Anvi Slim Toolbar use.
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Practical to use. Light to install.
Simply click either below button to download Anvi Slim Toolbar. Double-click the downloaded file to install the program on your computer. Once installed, double click on the Anvi Slim Toolbar icon to start the program.
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Version: 1.3
Size: 9.57MB
Support OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Language available: English
Software requirement: 300 MHz or faster processor, 128 MB of RAM (256 MB or more recommended), 50 MB of free hard disk space, active Internet connection for online cloud database and software updates
Category: System Utilities
Price: $29.98
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