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Anvi Slim Toolbar Q&A

What is Plug-in and PUP?

Plug-in servers as an add-on (in Internet Explorer) or an extension (in Google Chrome) to add an extra functionality to the web browser. And PUP is short for Potentially Unwanted Program, which can be in form of toolbars, adware and the like. Often adware pop up ads in web browser through installing its plug-in and some other PUP also uses their plug-ins to execute their hijacking or redirect tricks.

How to troubleshoot browser redirects, hijacking and pop up ads?

Since many browser redirects, hijacking and pop up ads result from plug-in install, you can troubleshoot such issues by removing the corresponding plug-ins,( or add-ons, extensions and toolbars), as well as repairing the modifed settings like homepage and search engine. Please note if not only does the adware or PUP installs its plug-in to your web browser but also install its program to your computer, then you have to uninstall its program through Control Panel as well.

What can Anvi Slim Toolbar do?

Anvi Slim Toolbar can detect any malicious toolbars/plug-ins installed onto IE, Firefox and Chrome to remove. Also it can offer a full list of your installed plug-ins in IE, Firefox and Chrome for you to manage them. Besides, this tool also provides convenient browser repair feature for necessary browser repair in terms of search redirects and homepage hijacking. Furthermore, if you worry about any unwanted or malicious plug-in sneaks into web browser when you are visiting pages, the Anvi Slim Toolbar also provides real-time protection in form of suspicious plug-in install prompt, where you can choose either to stop it or to let it install.

How does Anvi Slim Toolbar work to troubleshoot browser issues like hijacking and search redirects?

Anvi Slim Toolbar is integrated with an attached databased updated automatically to detect any malicious toolbars/plug-ins install. And it can list all your installed plug-ins for convenient management and offers necessary browser repair solutions like repair hijacked homepage and search engine reset. Please note many hijacking and search redirects are just visible part of PUP infections, so to thoroughly remove the infection, one also needs to check their Control Panel->Programs(Uninstall Programs) where lists all installed programs in the computer system and remove any suspiciously related PUP programs.

Which web browsers that Anvi Slim Toolbar can troubleshoot?

Temporarily Anvi Slim Toolbar can troubleshoot toolbar/plug-in issues only in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Can I restore my removed toolbars using Anvi Slim Toolbar if I remove some toolbars by mistake?

Yes. The Restore feature of Anvi Slim Toolbar enables you to restore the removed toolbars and plug-ins when needed and also you can permanently delete those malicious or unwanted toolbars/plug-ins from there.

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