Anvi Ultimate Defrag
Dotfab Ultimate Defrag
Anvi Ultimate Defrag

Easy to use and light to install

Practical to maintain and optimize hard disk performance

Custom defrag with Hot Zone modes

Database updated automatically

Scheduled defragmentation daily or weekly

Support for Windows XP/Vista/7 & Windows 8
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Repair bad disk sectors and fix system errors
Clean up disk junk files
Consolidate fragmented files and folders on the hard disk
Optimize the disk to gain optimal files reading speed
About Anvi Ultimate Defrag
Anvi Ultimate Defrag provides a ultimate solution to ultimately optimize your computer disk. It is easy to use, light to install and efficient to defrag. It functions by repairing disk errors, cleaning up junk files, defragging and optimizing the hard disk drive volumes to maintain and optimize disk performance.
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Anvi Ultimate Defrag: Why, How and Whether
Anvi Ultimate Defrag is designed to help maintain your hard drive performance with efficient disk defragment. Ready to give a touch-up to your hard disk after a short nap? Then, use this system utility to make it happen now.
Degragging is not vital anymore, but still a good idea, unless you have a solid-state drive on your computer. Files get split up into fragments as you use computer and this theoretically slows down your computer. Thus to maintain your hard disk performance, you will need the disk defragment which is to phiscally move the fragments so as to make the fragments as contiguous as possible.
Defragging will make a faster disk access so as to improve your hard disk performance. Besides, defragging is still a good idea because should a disaster strike, it makes successful data recovery more likely. Please note Anvi Ultimate Defrag does not defrag SSDs because defragging works on the contray on SSDs to even shorten its lifespan of use.
Anvi Ultimate Defrag is easy to use and it will quickly and efficiently repair your disk bad sector or other disk errors, clean disk junk files, rearrange fragmented files and folders on hard disk and optimize hard disk for optimal files reading speed. You can schedule it to defrag either daily or weekly.
Use it to defrag hard disk now
Review from PC Adviser: "Anvi Ultimate Defrag is a straightforward tool which uses several different techniques to optimise your hard drive and so improve system performance. The program is surprisingly easy to use..."
Features and Bennefits of Anvi Ultimate Defrag
disk defragment
Straightforward and compact
Anvi Ultimate Defrag presents you with straightforward flow chart of disk defragmentation. Its interfaces are designed as compact and so to show all information that you may want to know about the defragmentation. And the install is light.
Safe and secure
Anvi Ultimate Defrag is developed by Anvisoft, which is also a computer security company, using the same techniques as Windows. Therefore, it is for assured that this defraggler is safe to use just as you are using Windows utilities.
Interactive drive map
You can see how defragmented your disk is at a glance. Anvi Ultimate Defrag's drive map shows you blocks that are free, used, checked, defragmented, moving, unmovable, junk files, fragments, NTFS files.
Efficient defrag
Anvi Ultimate Defrag improves your hard disk performance by checking and repairing hard disk back sectors and other disk errors, cleaning junk files on the disk, defragging and optimizing hard disk for faster disk access. The whole defrag process is quick with efficiency.
Scheduled defragmentation
Defragment during a short nap, and waken to find a faster system. You can manually schedule Anvi Ultimate Defrag to defrag your hard disk at a scheduled time on daily or weekly basis.
Custom defragment
Deeper optimize and defrag your hard disks for your preferred usage by setting Hot Zone mode. Hot Zone of Anvi Ultimate Defrag enables you to defrag and optimize your hard disk in Normal Mode, Home Mode, Business Mode or Entertainment Mode.
24/7 online technical support
You can email us at any time with your convenience to avail timely help on Anvi Ultimate Defrag use.
Anvi Ultimate Defrag
  • Anvi Ultimate Defrag
  • Anvi Ultimate Defrag
  • Anvi Ultimate Defrag
  • Anvi Ultimate Defrag
Screenshots of Anvi Ultimate Defrag
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Easy to use. Light to install.
Simply click either below button to download Anvi Ultimate Defrag. Double-click the downloaded file to install the program on your computer. Once installed, double click on the Anvi Ultimate Defrag icon to start the program.
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Version: 1.1
Size: 11.43MB
Support OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Language available: English
Software requirement: 300 MHz or faster processor, 128 MB of RAM (256 MB or more recommended), 50 MB of free hard disk space, active Internet connection for online cloud database and software updates
Category: System Utilities
Price: $29.98
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